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Owen Wilson's Brother Helped Him Every Day After Reported 2007 Suicide Attempt

Owen Wilson Brother Andrew Luke Suicide Attempt

Owen Wilson leaned on his big brother after his reported 2007 suicide attempt, as it turns out according to a new profile on the famous film star in Esquire.

The mag appropriately titled their interview with Wilson as “Owen Wilson Is Doing Great, Thanks” — and it turns out that he really is, for a variety of reasons, including having family around him to show support and love through all these years!

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The 52-year-old actor and those close to him all opened up in the mag’s long look at his behind-the-scenes family situation and lifestyle.

For one, writer Ryan D’Agostino wasn’t shy in tackling the Loki star’s shocking 2007 suicide attempt.

Of course, fans may recall that it was Owen’s brother, Luke Wilson — of Legally Blonde fame — who found the star and called 9-1-1 back in August 2007.

But it was actually his other brother Andrew who helped get Owen back on track after the 2007 scare. Sharing with Esquire, D’Agostino revealed:

“Owen recovered from that awful episode with friends and family supporting him daily, wrapping their love around him, sleeping by his side. [Andrew] stayed in his house with him after that, rising with him each morning and writing up little schedules for each day so that life seemed at first manageable and then, at some point, a long time later, actually good.”

Sounds like Andrew (also an actor you might know from Whip It) was doing exactly what a big brother should.

And while Owen still mostly refuses to talk about that fateful day, he did admit to Esquire that the idea of death came strongly upon him when he was still a child. One day, speaking to his father, he broached the subject:

“[The idea of death] landed with me when I was about eleven. I remember exactly where in the house — saying, ‘I worry about dying,’ and seeing my dad turn away and catch himself. And I was surprised to see that reaction. But who knows, maybe that was part of why I said it.”


And while the French Dispatch star didn’t want to go too much deeper into the depths of his soul, he did later share with Esquire via email this fascinating quote about what it’s like to get through life:

“Sometimes it seems like life is being played by Gene Hackman in Hoosiers. Tough but fair. He’s going to demand a lot, but if you play as a team and do your job, things work out. That’s a good feeling. Things make sense. Sometimes life seems to be played by Tom Hardy in The Revenant, some nightmarish guy trying to kill you, where even if you get the upper hand. He’s still going to be there at the end whispering, ‘This ain’t gonna bring your boy back,’ or your dad back or any good times from your past back. Or whatever. And when life’s being played by that guy, you just gotta hang on and wait for it to pass.'”

Whoa — what a beautiful cinematic metaphor.

On a brighter note, Wilson did open up about one of the brightest parts of his life these days — parenting his 10-year-old son Robert, who he shares with Jade Duell, and his 7-year-old son Finn, who he shares with Caroline Lindqvist.

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Though he mostly likes to keep his family private, writer Ryan D’Agostino revealed a very telling anecdote about Owen’s role as a father figure:

“Owen has the boys on a single-dad schedule. The other evening, he was trimming the younger one’s fingernails, and the boy was getting upset and saying, ‘Don’t go below the line!’ and Owen was saying, ‘Just relax!’ and the whole scene was fraught with tension. Afterward, Owen said to his son, ‘What do you say?’ and the boy said, dutifully, ‘Thaaank youu,’ and then muttered to his brother, ‘for nothing.’ Owen heard it, and said, ‘it’s funny how we get cast in these roles, because it seems like just yesterday I was the one muttering ‘for nothing,’ and now I’m the person in this role. Once you’re an adult, you think childhood was so innocent and beautiful, but you forget.'”


Ultimately, the longtime silver screen star — who doesn’t cook but claimed in the profile that he makes a pretty good almond butter and jelly sandwich — revealed that he feels very appreciative and grateful of his position in the world. Reflecting on all that he’s accomplished and been through in his career, Owen summed things up best:

“I’ve been in sort of a lucky place of feeling pretty appreciative of things. I know everything’s kind of up and down, but when you get on one of these waves, you’ve gotta ride it as long as you can. … Feeling pretty grateful. Well, grateful’s one of those words that get used all the time. Appreciative. Of, you know, stuff.”

We can just hear him saying that in his iconic voice, too — can’t you?!

What do U make of Owen’s big profile, Perezcious readers? You can read the whole thing HERE!

[Image via Roger Eldemire/WENN/Avalon.]

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