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That Didn't Take Long... Conservatives Are Now Attacking The Florida High School Shooting Survivors...

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Well, this is disgusting.
In case the support of an alleged pedophile, the denial of an attack by a foreign power, and the systematic assault on our country’s own intelligence agencies weren’t enough to show you that nothing is sacred anymore, we give you…
The birth of the Parkland conspiracy theories, in which conservatives look for ways to discredit the survivors of last week’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, who have been vocal advocates for common sense gun control after losing 17 classmates and teachers.
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That’s right. That is to say, that’s right wing. Positions that used to be held only by fringe nutjobs like Alex Jones are now firmly embedded in the GOP at large.
For instance, on Tuesday an aide for Florida state representative Shawn Harrison (R-Tampa) claimed students David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez (pictured above) aren’t even really students but “actors that travel to various crisis when they happen.”
Neat trick for Hogg, who managed to travel to the high school and pose as a student to record cell phone footage during the shooting.
Harrison later tweeted he put the aide on leave:

Great. But it doesn’t reflect well on you that you hired this tool…
And he wasn’t alone.
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Donald Trump support site Gateway Pundit — a garbage conspiracy site which somehow actually has White House credentials — is also going after Hogg.
Their theory is that he is speaking out against guns in order to take the heat off his retired FBI agent father — since it was the entire FBI, including former agents, that are responsible for the shooting. Anything but guns, right?
These people should be on the street carrying signs, not reporting from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Oh, still think this is just fringe folks? Donald Trump Jr. already liked a tweet repeating this claim.
Next, former Representative Jack Kingston (R-Georgia) went on CNN Tuesday morning to say he believed the students were real but that their grief was being “hijacked” by “left-wing groups who have an agenda.”

He seriously thinks their actions are being orchestrated by billionaire George Soros.

And then there are those who aren’t making outrageous claims about fake outrage or actors.
No, they just want to victory dance at the news that Florida won’t ban assault rifles — like professional truth-attacker Dinesh D’Souza, who tweeted:
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What kind of piece of shit do you have to be to go after school shooting survivors?
We have the answer now…
[Image via CNN.]

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