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Paul McCartney Wants To Recruit You For This Vegetarian Call to Action!

Paul McCartney
Well then…
Paul McCartney would love it if you joined him in not eating meat once a week, and he’s ready to do some weird stuff in his new YouTube video for Meatfree Mondays to prove it!
The video starts out all and good, with the 72-year-old giving a call to action to everyone watching to stop consuming as much meat and to pledge to go veggie four times a month.
However, as the video nears the end, Paul seems to lose it, and starts rapping/chanting/being possessed into singing a very odd jingle for the pro-vegetarian website.
Trust us, it’s secondhand-embarrassing, yet will still manage to get stuck in your head.
Good cause. Questionable promo.
Ch-ch-check out Paul’s musical departure from normalcy (below)!!!

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Sep 22, 2014 21:29pm PDT