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Hillary Clinton

Pay Up!


Someone left and didn’t pay up.

More bad news for Hillary Clinton!

It seems the presidential hopeful has left Indiana……and didn’t pay her bills.

Not cool!

Hil left behind $55,000 in unpaid bills for campaign events at Indiana University.

The amount adds up to the debt for appearances made by Hils, Bill and daughter Chelsea all throughout March and April.

The money due is because the university charged campaigns for security, sound equipment, and other needs for their events.

School officials apparently knew there was a chance the bills wouldn’t be paid.

Indiana University spokesman Larry MacIntyre said, “We are very happy that we were able to have both Democratic candidates here. We feel it was a great thing for the students, and we don’t have any regrets. We’d like to get paid, and certainly we believe that ultimately, we will be paid.”

So why make it public that she hasn’t paid if you believe she will? Could there be some bias there?

As for Sen. Barack Obama‘s campaign, they have already paid the $108,142 it owed for two Assembly Hall events. One was for a concert by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds and the other for a rally featuring Obama.

In paperwork filed this week for spending reports, it listed Clinton had almost $20 million in debt!

Can Barack give her a loan?????

As for IU, MacIntyre said, “She owes $20 million. I suspect we’re probably not going to get paid in a timely manner. But what a great opportunity for students. They had, for free, a chance to be up close and personal with both Senator Obama and Senator Clinton.”

She better pay up!

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May 23, 2008 15:45pm PDT

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