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Pete Davidson 'Used To Jerk Off To Leonardo DiCaprio'

Pete Davidson Leonardo DiCaprio Crush Paper Magazine

Usually when Pete Davidson opens up it’s in between Trump jokes on Weekend Update.

But there’s so much that’s interesting about the SNL star — from his candid stance on mental health issues to his burgeoning film career to his much-discussed love life — it’s nice to get an interview in which he doesn’t feel the need to make a joke of everything, and we can really delve deeper.

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Ooh, maybe we shouldn’t have used the word “deeper” considering the cover that goes with his Paper magazine cover.

Maybe it’s because of how much he didn’t like the talk of his BDE after Ariana Grande joked on social media about the size of his penis — but he has gone the complete opposite direction as an anatomically deficient, inked up Ken doll.

Ch-ch-check it out (below)!

Amazing! Nice ascot, btw! LOLz!

Now, to that interview. Here are some of the wild highlights…

On His Crush On Leonardo DiCaprio

Speaking about sexual awakenings to celebs, Pete revealed:

“Well, I used to jerk off to Leonardo DiCaprio… Uhh, like his acting.”

Um, WHAT????

“Yeah. I used to have a HUGE crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. I had this huge poster of him from The Beach in my room, and there used to be, like, ‘Leo love books’… Do you remember? Like, right when Titanic came out [when I was] in like third or fourth grade, he was just like, ‘teen milk.’ There were love books and I had all of them. He was the coolest.”

We DO remember. Also, same. Ha!

Awkwardly, Pete has actually met Leo once or twice upon a time in Hollywood…

“I’ve met him twice and I’ve just shaken hands and run away fast, like –“

Ha! If Leo only knew where that hand had been years earlier… though honestly, he’s probably used to that by now.

We mean…

Leonardo DiCaprio at 23 years old in 1997
Leonardo DiCaprio at 23 years old at the 1997 Los Angeles premiere of ‘Titanic’. / (c) WENN


On Being A Sex Symbol

“OH!! Well, that’s what people said… Yeah. I think it’s very… weird. I don’t really pay attention to it. But I do know that [the gaze] is either, ‘Ye-YESSS!’ or ‘F**K NO!’ There’s no happy medium with me, which I think is really fun. It’s either like, ‘Oh, that guy’s awesome,’ or it’s like, ‘I hope that guy f**king falls off of a cliff.’ But it’s sad and it sucks. When enough people call you ugly, it definitely gets to you. For me, personally, I can’t block that stuff out. That’s why I had to get rid of the Internet and stuff. But you definitely have to get to a place where you’re just like, ‘This is how I look. Alright.’ You know?”


On What He’s Like As A Boyfriend

Speaking about his “love language” Pete said he shows physical affection, verbal affirmation, buying gifts, all of it:

“My love language, when I’m in a relationship, is I treat the person I’m with like a princess. I try and go as above and beyond as possible, because that’s what you’re supposed to do? If you’re in a relationship with someone, you’re just supposed to make that person feel as special as possible.”

Unfortunately that can be a liability for Pete’s relationships:

“But sometimes when you put so much on someone, it overwhelms them, and then they don’t know if they could come close to that… Or if they can keep up with it. So, it’s very off-putting to some. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t, and then it sometimes makes me feel bad about myself because I’m like, ‘I did all this stuff and…'”

But Pete has learned from his mistakes — not the princess treatment, but the reaction to it not being “matched” by whomever he’s dating.

Pete Davidson with then fiancee Ariana Grande in 2018
Pete Davidson with then fiancee Ariana Grande in at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards. / (c) WENN

He explained:

“I have learned that anything you do, it just has to be ’cause you wanna do it… No expectations. Otherwise you’re gonna be resentful. It’s something I had to learn in a past relationship, which sucked to learn through that person, but it makes you better. I used to get really upset that this person didn’t ‘match’ my intensity or how much I show by actions, you know? I’m not really good at accepting just words, ’cause people could say s**t all the time. And this person was very word-heavy, so because of how insane I am, and how untrustworthy and scared I am, I couldn’t only take that… So, I had to learn that you just have to do stuff ’cause you want to do it.”

On The Perils Of Being In A Celebrity Couple

“I think when you first get in a relationship and you’re on television, you don’t realize that when you post a photo of you and your girlfriend, you’re pretty much announcing to the world your relationship. I didn’t know that because I know couples that are together that I followed that, you know, are my homies that work at Best Buy, and when they post each other’s picture all the time and there are no articles written about it or they’re not followed around, you forget that you have to approach it differently, which is really difficult for both [people in the relationship], because the second [the public] knows you’re together, it’s already against you. You’re losing. Because now they know you’re together, if you’re not [seen together], they know something went wrong. As opposed to like… people date. People date and are friends.”

The solution?

“So now I’m just as private as possible. I’m as discrete as can be. I know now not to do PDA. I’m a very PDA [person], though. I’m a lovey person. I love licking faces.”

On Ariana Specifically

When asked about his most famous ex, the one whoe wrote a couple songs about him, he says mostly coyly:

“I don’t ever make public statements about relationships ’cause I just don’t think it’s right, you know? I usually express how I feel about anything through work. So, I hope she’s well. I hope she’s very happy. And that’s pretty much it. And print doesn’t usually age well.”


On Quitting Social Media

“I got rid of the Internet because I can’t be on it. And anytime I would go on, I would just see horrible things written about me all the time… I would look though the search tab on Instagram and I’m a meme! I’m multiple MEMES. I’m punchlines or set-ups to jokes, so social media’s a little different for me. I had to get rid of it. Also, dude, it’s like, anytime you put something on the Internet, or type it out, it could be interpreted so many different ways. When you see the person saying it, there’s no mistaking it at all, so I’m just saving everything for standup, and for, you know, s**t like that. “

On Being Open About His Health Issues

“I think if you’re able to be open, it’s really good. It’s reassuring when you hear someone that you admire talk about [topics like that] publicly, because it’s an embarrassing thing sometimes. Crohn’s is an embarrassing disease to have so it’s not fun to talk about, but there are people out there that have it.”

On Political Correctness And Comedy

When asked about people getting offended by his comedy, he says:

“It makes doing college [shows] really hard. I refuse to do a college after this year ’cause it’s like, you’re just setting yourself up for trouble… Comedy is just, like, getting destroyed. Standup’s about to be about, like, sneakers. Like, ‘Hey, everyone like sneakers?’ You can’t talk about anything. You can’t. The second you open your mouth and have an opinion, you lose money today. And I don’t think that’s a safe place to live in.”

On if he regrets things he says in his standup and on SNL:

“Yeah, look, when I’m doing standup and stuff, nothing I ever say is coming from a hateful place. And you can’t know what’s funny until you try it, you know? But anything I’ve ever said on stage or made a joke about, I don’t regret it. I mean, some jokes I’m like, ‘Welp, that joke sucked.’ You know? But I’m never like, ‘Aw f**k!’ ‘Cause there are times I try things that I think are ridiculous and they work. And that’s what sucks about political correctness in comedy, I think that you need freedom.”


Just Starting A New Feud For No Reason, LOL

When asked if there are any comics he doesn’t find funny, Pete goes a different route, saying:

“I hate David Spade, but I find him funny. “

Hate him? Why?

“Can I just say that? David Spade is a disgusting human being, but he is funny… If you’re 17 and up, there’s a chance David Spade has DMed you. Can you write that?”

Yowza. Damn.

Of all the people we might have picked out of a hat for Pete Davidson to fire shots at — but it isn’t the first time he’s gone after a former SNL cast member. We wonder if he hears things there…

What do YOU think of Pete’s Paper interview??

[Image via FayesVision/WENN/Avalon.]

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