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This Toy Lets You Pop Fake Pimples -- Pus And All!

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Have you ever sat down and thought, “man, I really wish I had more pimples on my skin to pop”?
If so, you’re a bit disturbed — and you’re in luck!
The Pop it Pal is a new novelty toy that lets you get out all your pimple-popping satisfaction out by squeezing fake pus out of a slab of faux-skin!
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Created specifically for the sick individuals who like watching pimple popping videos online, the toy is supposed to look and feel like a blackhead removal.
Each kit comes complete with a “skin” base (in the diverse options of peach or brown!) one refill of yellow pus, and one filling tool — all for just $19.99!
Individual bottles of fake pus cost $5.99, if you’re the type who wants the treasure without doing the digging.
Disgusted? Intrigued? See how the Pop it Pal works (below)!

Head to the company’s website to order your very own Pop it Pal!
[Image via YouTube.]

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Feb 09, 2018 01:06am PDT

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