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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Blasted On Social Media For Taking Another Private Jet After Climate Change Event

Harry & Meghan Blasted On Social Media For Taking Another Private Jet After Climate Change Event

Celebs need to be smarter about things like this!

We know there are a million logistical issues to traveling while famous, but taking a private jet back and forth to a climate change event is not a great look!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are feeling the heat right now (pun intended!) as social media users are calling the couple out for using a private jet to fly home to Santa Barbara after attending Global Citizen Live last weekend in Manhattan!

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The event, held on Central Park‘s Great Lawn last Saturday, advocated for vaccine equality while promoting environmental sustainability — and that irony was not lost on fans in light of how the west coast royal couple got back home.

According to Page Six, Harry and Meghan (pictured above during their time on stage at the festival) were spotted Saturday night disembarking at the Santa Barbara Airport after landing there in a private plane, evidently coming straight home from the NYC-based outdoor event. Paparazzi pics showed the couple happy as can be as they gave hugs to members of their staff and pulling off luggage.

And just like we said, social media users didn’t miss a beat when it came to calling out the couple for their concerning conspicuous consumption!

Here are just a few of the MANY Twitter reactions coming in early this week on the topic:

“Harry and Meghan are at it again. They take a private jet back from a climate change event. Oh to be blissfully rich and blissfully virtuous. You really can have it all”

“They lecture us on our carbon footprint while taking private jets to polo matches. Hypocrites don’t unite people.”

“Just ‘do as i say not as I do'”

“How many plastic straws do we need to substitute with paper straws to make up for that flights emissions?”

“Limousine liberals… smh”

“Next time they run their mouths on climate change, I want to see their utilities bills first. I’ll show mine. Let’s see who is using up more resources.”

“Just your average hypocrites”

“Never forget, their ‘rules’ for the common folk will never apply to themselves.”

“Jets for me, not for thee.”

“The elites have always taken private jets to climate events and then they say air travel is bad for the environment. They have no intention of changing their lives in any way. They just want to change ours.”


What do U think, Perezcious readers?! The comments there may be harsh, but they’re not exactly wrong!

Taking a private jet — which is ten times more carbon-intensive than commercial air travel and 50 times more polluting than train travel, according to the Transport and Environment Organization — coming out of a conference about sustainability and equity and the future of life on this planet is NOT a good look!

Just saying! Do U agree or disagree?? Sound OFF with your take on this travel tussle down in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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