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Prince William Spotted At Gay Hot Spot In Poland!

Prince William Gay Restaurant Poland

Good for Prince William!

The royal shocked patrons at the Butero Bistro in Warsaw, Poland on Wednesday evening by sitting down for a meal with his team the night before his official visit to the nation (which was also something of a surprise, last-minute trip) kicked off!

The Duke of Cambridge dining at the little restaurant was a jaw-dropper for numerous reasons. First off, it’s not some fancy Michelin Star restaurant where you’d expect to see royalty dining. Will reportedly ate a pulled pork sandwich that costs less than $10 American! Second, well, how do we say this…? It’s so gay! LOLz!

The Butero Bistro advertises itself as “a queer space with comfort food” — and is an extremely LGBT+ friendly eatery. Having a safe space like that is a big deal in Poland right now — the country has some of the worst gay rights in all of Europe now, according to the 2022 ILGA-Europe report.

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Will reportedly didn’t pick the venue, deciding to join Kensington staff at the restaurant they’d already booked at the last minute. An insider told

“The team from Kensington Palace booked a local restaurant near where they were working and the prince decided to join them. He asked them what they were doing and then asked to come along. It was a great night by all accounts.”

Aww! We just wish Princess Catherine could have been there, too! It’s so nice that Will had a gay old time there — we would have been sorely disappointed if he’d seen the place and gotten worried about the message it would send. After all, Butero’s LGBT-friendly status isn’t exactly a secret! Just check out their sign!

Thankfully we even have some pics of Will’s night out! A local reporter named Michal Zaczynski snapped some surreptitious pics from the next table over and posted them to his Instagram Stories, captioning the cute photos:

“Warsaw can surprise. I ate dinner today with the Prince.”

See (below):

Zaczynski added:

“It is valuable that he supported the community so abused by the current authorities in Poland.”

We agree! But it’s not just Poland, sadly. The drag shows and other LGBT+ events held at the venue would be under attack pretty strongly in the US right now, too. So yeah, it’s helpful for public figures like Will to stand up — well, to sit down — and say there’s NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS!

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BTW, the Butero Bistro was so proud of giving a member of the royal fam a good meal and a great time that they marked the occasion by labeling the chair he sat in!

So cute! (We’re guessing they’ll replace the index card with a full-on plaque as soon as possible!)

What do YOU think of Prince William’s surprise trip to a gay bistro in Poland??

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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