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Star Jones better watch her back. A knife is about to be stabbing her!

Big Gay Al is shopping around a sit-down TV interview about his time married to the former fattie.

He’s gonna “tell all” and…he wants to get paid!

B.G.A. is said to be holding out for the highest bidder. “He’s been looking for a six-figure deal for an interview where he dishes about being married to Star,” says one TV insider.

That’s not very gentlemanly, but it’s smart! Big Gay Al’s gotta get paid, y’all.

Some shows are interested in a chat, but only if he is really willing to part with some dirt.

No one wants to pay for it, though.

We’re sure Al and Star have a pre-nup. We’re surprised that Star didn’t include some sort of confidentiality agreement in there!

Maybe this is all a ploy for more money???

B.G.A. probably hopes Starzilla will agree to pay him more alimony if he keeps his mouth shut!

[Image via WENN.]

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May 18, 2008 12:42pm PDT

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