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Reality Star Sentenced To Life For Hiring Murderer To Kill Nephew

Reality Star Sentenced To Life For Hiring Murderer To Kill Nephew

Seven years ago Miss Robbie from the OWN hit reality show Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s suffered a devastating loss when her 21-year-old grandson Andre Montgomery (pictured above, left) was shot dead. You may remember in 2020 her son was arrested in connection with the murder, and now has been sentenced to life for his involvement.

As we reported at the time, James “Tim” Timothy Norman (pictured above with his mugshot) was booked and charged in August of 2020 for conspiracy to use interstate commerce facilities (a cellphone) in the commission of a murder-for-hire, resulting in death. According to case documents obtained by TMZ at the time, prosecutors said Norman took out a $450k life insurance policy on his then 18-year-old nephew in 2014… before working with Terica Ellis, a woman charged with the same crime, to conspire to kill Andre.

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Yeah, he hired a hitman to kill his teenage nephew for insurance money! It sounds like a Lifetime movie. So, so awful…

Ellis told Montgomery the day before his murder she was coming to St. Louis where he was. It’s also been confirmed by phone records she and Norman were in communication, including right after she learned about where his nephew was. Location records also showed she was in the area of the murder at the time he was shot.

Immediately after the murder, Ellis went to Memphis and deposited over $9,000 cash into several different bank accounts while Miss Robbie’s son called the insurance company to try and collect that $450,000 policy. Just terrible! But now justice has finally been served. As of January, Norman pled guilty and was sentenced to three years for conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire. He’s going to be serving much more than three years, though.

On Thursday, according to documents obtained by the outlet, it’s been reported he was sentenced to life in prison for the entire plot. Ellis was sentenced to three years in prison after she pled guilty and the shooter, Travell Anthony Hill, was sentenced to 32 years in prison. Life insurance agent Waiel Rebhi Yaghnam was sentenced to three years as well, he pled guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.

An entire team of adults coming together to plot the death of an innocent 21-year-old is just sickening…

Before her son’s sentencing, Miss Robbie pled with the judge to make his sentence more lenient, as she already lost her husband and other son:

“As a mother I am devastated that my son has been accused and convicted of the crimes. But I am pleading to God through you for mercy. Tim is my only living son. I lost my other son to violence in the streets of Los Angeles when Tim was only 15 years old. I do know how complex the burden of carrying grief, loss of losing a first son, a grandson and on the verging of losing my last son. This is more than a mother should have to carry into the sunset of her life. I pray that you will find a way in performing your sentencing responsibility to allow a small light of hope to Tim and me in going through these remaining years to find hope for redemption.”

So heartbreaking.

You can see the video the grief-stricken grandmother made in remembrance of her grandson (below):

Our hearts go out to Miss Robbie and the rest of her family and loved ones. No mother should have to experience such a devastating loss all around.

[Image via YouTube/OWN/Madison County Detention Center]

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