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Rihanna Cozies Up To Frankie Delgado Some Loser, Allegedly! Really?????

We can’t blame a girl for trying to go out and have a good time, especially considering all that Rihanna‘s been through, but really now, girl – Frankie Delgado? Of Bromance fame shame?
The couple was reportedly seen snuggling at a private table at Delux, last night, Thursday.
According to a witness, “She was snuggling with him on her couch and the two were all about each other. Rihanna gave Frankie a lap type dance when Destiny’s Child’s song ‘Bug-A-Boo’ started playing…he kept pulling at Rihanna’s white dress and she giggled, playfully pushing him away and then hugging him!”
We think that our presh RiRi needs to be concentrating more on herself and not depending on the attention of boys to feel better!
Plus, she can do way better than that!
[Images via WENN.]

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Mar 27, 2009 11:00am PDT

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