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Robert Downey Jr. AGREES Margot Robbie Isn't Getting Enough Credit For Barbie!

Robert Downey Jr. AGREES Margot Robbie Isn't Getting Enough Credit For Barbie!

Robert Downey Jr. is giving Margot Robbie her flowers.

We all know the Barbie star got majorly snubbed by the Oscars, but while some industry members may not be willing to vouch for her, the Iron Man star certainly is. During a SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations sitdown, RDJ honed in one one Barbie scene in particular: America Ferrera‘s famous monologue — yes, the one that landed her a Best Supporting Actress nom. But it wasn’t just her speaking that sold the scene for him…

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The 58-year-old said he was dazzled by Margot’s subtle art of just listening:

“I never tire of watching someone just listen on camera. It never fails to impress and remind me how little you need to do to be effective. Just the simplest version of expression, that’s what the camera wants. The closer the camera gets, the more it wants it. Time and time again, it’s demonstrated that it’s super effective.”

So true! Margot had a lot of boisterous moments in the flick, but there’s also something special about her more reined in moments as well, including that moment on the bench, the speech scene, and the finale in which she makes her final choice. No dialogue, yet she’s telling us so much! Robert, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Oppenheimer, also gave it up for America’s performance — and credited director Greta Gerwig, who was also snubbed:

“America has this amazing speech. And by the way she nails it! I’m watching it and go, ‘Wow, that was a really tough one. That’s like a one act play. The whole movie hinges on it.’ It’s the cuts away to Robbie so actively listening that I realize Greta is really on to something here.”

Watch (below):

That face acting is everything!

These ladies seriously deserve all the praise — it’s too bad only 1/3 of them got it… But as Margot put it, “there’s no way it feels sad when you know what it’s worth.”

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