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Those Terrifying Robot Dogs Now Have A Metal Claw They Can Use To Open Doors/Rip Out Your Heart!

We still might be centuries away from flying cars, but at least we’re one step closer to robot dogs that can hunt us down and mass murder humanity! JK, hopefully?
That’s the future Boston Dynamics teased this week after unveiling a version of their already-terrifying robotic quadruped that learned a new trick: it can now open doors and escape with its friends!
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The robotics company, which, BTW, has been heavily funded by the U.S. military, freaked the fuck out of Twitter this week after releasing a video of the familiar robot opening a door with its — what else? — MASSIVE METAL CLAW.
The responses varied from hysterical posts about how these rapidly evolving machines will inevitably enslave us to.. actually, that about covers it.
Watch the video (above) to meet your robot overlords and see the human reactions (below)!

Ok, a few jokes were made… to distract us from our bleak future as robot slaves:

Before we wrap this up, let Jurassic Park explain why this particular development is so alarming:

Save us, Laura Dern!

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Feb 13, 2018 10:47am PDT

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