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Rosario Dawson Endorses Bernie Sanders After BF Cory Booker Backs Joe Biden!

Rosario Dawson and Cory Booker back different candidates!

Rosario Dawson and Cory Booker stand divided!

The Rent actress took to Instagram on Monday to reveal she voted for 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, a day after her Senator boyfriend endorsed a different candidate: Sanders’ rival, Joe Biden!

She wrote in her post:

“I got to vote for Bernie again and I did. Whoever it is that you’re supporting I hope that you are doing it consciously, with heart and with a ballot. Talking about things helps but actions speak louder than words. To all of you on the sidelines, we need you. Please register and vote. Make this election one for the history books. Turn out needs to be historic to drive home the message that we stand for something bigger and better than what we have now. That we truly stand for each other. Earthizen Humanity First!”

The Zombieland: Double Tab actress didn’t comment on her bf’s opposing endorsement, but she did seemingly scold fellow Bernie supporters for their reported bullying of other candidates’ supporters online.

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She added:

“No more bullying. No more mocking. No more trolling. We can be better than that so why not be? Let our decency, honesty and humanity ring loud and true. It’s much more constructive, believe me. March to the polls and let’s make sure folks are registered and able to vote by any means necessary.”

The star also left an uplifting message urging disillusioned citizens to vote and help change the system for the better:

“PS: Upset about our primary/electoral system? Elections and much else (equity much?) aren’t fair. Voter suppression efforts like redistricting, gerrymandering and voter purging (among many other issues) have long since made that clear. That’s why voting is only one of many ways we can transform our system for the better (fill out your census!). So please stay in the game, no matter what, and continue the fight our ancestors fought with fewer means and resources, not just so that we could bicker on social media, but so that we could continue to improve conditions for each other and make the path that much better, healthier and clearer for the generations to come. Blessings to you all. #NotMeUs”

The actress confirmed in March 2019 that the two were dating, telling TMZ:

“He’s a wonderful human being, it’s good to spend some time together when we can.”

Booker spilled the tea about the night they met during a November 2019 appearance on the Wendy Williams Show, telling the host that he got her number the second time they crossed paths.

He shared:

“We met again, I have a lot of gratitude to Sarah Silverman, she had a party … and so we met at a roof party that she had. I remember this very clearly, I walked up to her, it was the end of the party we had already talked a little bit and people were drifting out, but she and I were kind of lingering… I walk up to her and I said ‘Well, how would I contact you if I wanted to get in touch with you,’ and she goes, ‘You’re asking me for my phone number.'”

While they may disagree on candidates, we’re sure Booker approves of his lady love’s inspiring message!

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