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Rose McGowan Claps Back After Harvey Weinstein Calls Her A 'Bold' Liar -- & Tells Stephen Colbert She Was The 'Architect' Of Weinstein's Downfall

Rose McGowan
Rose McGowan
‘s Brave book tour continues.
As we reported yesterday, Harvey Weinstein denied the Charmed alum’s sexual assault claims following her Good Morning America interview, where she called for actual criminal charges to be made against the controversial filmmaker.
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The 44-year-old initially responded with a series of expletive-filled tweets, and has since released a statement via her reps. It reads:

“It is an affront not only to Rose but to the hundreds of women who have come forward with their stories of harassment, sexual abuse and rape perpetrated by Mr. Weinstein and those like him. This is a sad, pathetic old-fashioned sexist attempt to undermine obvious truth and the gaslighting will no longer be tolerated. The ‘performance’ is him and his complicity machine, and they are bad actors. Mr. Weinstein has used his power to violate Rose in all too many ways… Mr. Weinstein’s attempts to discredit Rose is part of his 20 year long campaign to silence her, clearly proving he IS the monster so many women have described him to be. Like so many other #MeToo’s, Rose will continue to push back at ingrained thought and a corrupt power structure.”

Last night, Rose also appeared on Stephen Colbert, where she dubbed herself “the architect” of the current movement to oust the cycle of abuse in Hollywood — as she came out with her allegations “a year ago.”
When the late night host asked if she ever questioned if she was “crazy” (like everyone said she was), she responded:

“No, I see things.”

Watch the full interview (below)!

[Image via CBS.]

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