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Roseanne's Half-Assed Apology


Blah blah blah.

Dumb old lady!

Date: Aug 10, 2007 2:14 AM
Subject: a couple of people
Body: here on myspace mistakenly thought I was threatening to shoot a little known misogynist gossip monger who named himself after a talentless drunk driver. What I actually said was that if he were to TRESPASS on my land, I would thankfully have the right as an american citizen, under the great constitution of this country, to protect myself, and to use deadly force in that pursuit.
I guess the four of you think it is ok for trespassers and other criminals not to be punished for breaking the law. To me, that means that you really do not support our troops, who are fighting in Iraq to uphold the freedoms
that we hold dear. Shame on you. You would defend a trespassing predator while hardworking citizens are not safe in their homes. What a disgrace, indeed!
Remember a smile is the quickest way to improve your appearance!

Date: Aug 10, 2007 2:32 AM
Subject: its all in fun folks!
Body: just trying to get a laugh.. i think p hilton is funny too..
I love rosie o donnell too! she has balls of brass and did a great thing on the view. she could have sat back with all her money and kept her mouth shut and said nothing, like most stars, but she put her ass on the line and i
have so much respect for her and for Joy behar, and even elizabeth, who I do not agree with, but puts herself out there. I love whoopi too, and I know she has lots to say and lots to add to that show, and I am happy for her.
Barbara Walters is a broadcasting genious and knows how to stay in the spotlight because of that fact. I love Oprah too, even though I make fun of her as well.
I am glad that pearl jam is talking about net neutrality too, and I hope myspace doesn’t start getting censored anytime soon. these are scarey times, and a laugh is good! I have twelve thousand friends here now, and cannot
keep up with this place. I blog at my own website,, and have for ten years now. Visit me there daily. I will drop in here now and then!

This has-been is just begging for attention.

We’re over her.

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Aug 10, 2007 09:59am PDT

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