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RuPaul Reveals Epic Madonna Feud In New Memoir!

RuPaul Reveals Epic Madonna Feud In New Memoir!

RuPaul is CALLING OUT Madonna in his new memoir!

The RuPaul’s Drag Race host has a new book called The House of Hidden Meanings set to release next week. The memoir mostly focuses on his relationship with his parents, his upbringing, and past patterns. But it also includes some boiling hot tea about a beef he got into with Madge back in the day! And it really paints her in a bad light!

In an excerpt of the book obtained by The US Sun on Wednesday, the 61-year-old recalled the first time he ever heard of Madonna before she made it big. She was working as a coat clerk at the NYC-based nightclub Danceteria. He also saw her speak at a 1984 seminar where the Like A Virgin singer, who released her first album a year prior, discussed her struggle to gain fame. So, they had a little history together — but it all turned sour very quickly!

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Years later, he bumped into the now super famous pop star in the break room of the Pyramid Club, where Ru was working as a go-go dancer. Her Madgesty was with a small group of people, and when she saw him enter, she looked at him “with an expression I’ll never forget.” He recalled:

“[I saw a] snarl of contempt at the sight of me, cold fury that I would deign to enter while she was in the room.”

The drag queen explained that Madonna didn’t hide her feelings at all either, adding how she seemed to be thinking, “How dare you take up oxygen in my world?” Oof!

The TV star went on to blame the Material Girl artist’s success on her ability to realize that sex is power — knowledge she used to her advantage as she sized up everyone in her orbit, determining whether they could “add anything to that equation.” The Trolls Band Together voice actor wrote:

“In clocking me as a eunuch, I became worthless to her.”


For those that don’t know, a eunuch is a man who’s been castrated or “an ineffectual person” — not someone Madonna would be able to have a transactional relationship with if her primary strength was her sex appeal! Damn, that’s a harsh interpretation by RuPaul of whatever look she was giving. Oof. But the unfortunate run-in also made him realize the Queen of Pop was just like his mother; they were both Leos and “cold to a fault.” Jeez!

While it’s unclear what kind of interactions (if any) RuPaul and Madonna have had since then, the 2020 season of his drag show did feature an episode titled, Madonna: The Unauthorized Rusical. The singer wasn’t involved with the episode. It’s noteworthy he even allowed the show to honor her music after this, though! We guess there’s still no denying her cultural impact, certainly not among drag queens.

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[Image via Tonight Show/Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube]

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