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After Justin Timberlake DWI, Tourists Are Visiting Sag Harbor To Drink 'Justinis' & Party With Young Cop!

OMG! Tourists Heading To Sag Harbor Now To Drink 'Justinis' & Party With Young Cop Who Arrested Justin Timberlake For DWI!

It looks like one good thing came out of Justin Timberlake’s driving while intoxicated scandal — business is booming in Sag Harbor!

According to Page Six Tuesday, many tourists are heading to the American Hotel — where the pop star drank and partied with friends before his arrest last month — to drink the “one martini” he supposedly enjoyed! That drink in question, we learned, is none other than the establishment’s Vesper martini! Fun fact: it’s what James Bond drinks in the books. Scary fact: the amount of alcohol it contains “is equivalent to a double of just about any other cocktail.” So residents in Sag Harbor are about to see a whole lot of tipsy people! Hopefully, they’re smarter than Justin and get someone sober to drive them back home…

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Following JT’s arrest, the martini apparently got renamed by the visitors of Sag Harbor! Daniel Evans, who visited the Hamptons from North Carolina at the end of June, told the outlet he and his wife Jessica “absolutely went to the American Hotel on purpose.” They mainly went to order the “JT Special,” according to his wife. Jessica added:

“The bartender knew right away that we wanted a martini.”

While the couple called it the “JT Special,” she noted others called it “The Justin.” OMG. When Timberlake wanted his name back in lights this year, we don’t think he meant on a bar menu!

And the American Hotel isn’t the only stop on the “Timberlake Tourism” train, at least for this couple. They also partied with Michael Arkinson — the very young cop who had no idea who JT was at the time of the arrest — at Claudio’s in Greenport the night before! Jessica said:

“He was there partying. It was awesome. I guess we only hang out where famous people drink.”

Daniel and Jessica aren’t the only ones traveling around Sag Harbor to hit the JT spots! A 30-year-old New York who works in tech (and wanted to remain anonymous) told Page Six she went to the bar at American Hotel. However, it sounded like her bartender was fed up with the whole Justin ordeal! She said the person behind the bar showed zero emotion when she declared:

“I want to bring sexy back.”

Umm… yeah. Definitely not the wildest thing that bartender heard from a customer. LOLz! Seriously, we bet the employees got some sort of version of the request A LOT over the past month! So no wonder why they’re over it! Despite their lackluster reaction, that hasn’t stopped tourists from flooding to the bar!

Bob D’andria, a 62-year-old longtime local, enjoys a meal at the restaurant in the hotel every Wednesday for unlimited lobster night. And each week, he sees people heading to the bar for the martinis — or “Justinis” as he calls them — and taking pics in front of the place’s brick exterior. Bob added:

“There is just a lot of hype around Sag Harbor and the incident. I think it’s really good for the town — as long as we can still get our table here.”

Ha! Fair!

When tourists aren’t at the American Hotel, some are stopping by next door to the Romany Kramoris Gallery. You know, where the print featuring Justin’s mugshot — “Tuesday Night Out” by artists Godfrey & Lohman — is hanging. An employee said they’ve sold a dozen pieces so far, and they’re still “having trouble keeping up.” Wow! The Aloof Icon is also selling the mugshot art, and a spokesperson said they are getting questions “all day” about it:

“People are definitely stopping and inquiring about and taking photos with it.”

Crazy, right? Who would have thought Justin’s DWI could’ve ended up being a good thing — for Sag Harbor, at least. For the Mirrors singer, on the other hand? We’ll have to see what happens to him when he appears in court later this month. Anyways…

If you plan to visit any of these Justin tourist spots, warning! There is a dress code, apparently! Justin Cernitz, a lawyer with a home in Southampton, said he stopped at the American Hotel this week to check out “the scene of the crime.” However, he was stopped for not having the proper attire. Cernitz recalled:

“I came in without a collared shirt, and they wouldn’t let me in. I said, ‘Mr. Timberlake came without a collared shirt,’ and they said, ‘Well we are trying to enforce the rules now.’”

So they really do need a Suit And Tie?? LOLz!

Do YOU plan to visit all these spots in Sag Harbor now, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via MEGA/WENN, The Hollywood Reporter/YouTube, Mike Arkinson/Instagram]

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