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These Sculptural Nails Will Blow Your Mind!

Sculptural nail art is the new thing!
Nail art keeps climbing to stratospheric heights! And this time it’s literal…
Sarah Nguyen, a New York-based nail artist, is elevating the game with her sculptural nail creations.
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Working with jewels, Swarovski crystals, and other shiny objects that would make a magpie faint, Sarah offers ranges from Level 1 to Level 5, depending on how crazy you want your fingers to get.
You can start out small with some humble rhinestones on your tips, or you can go all-out with some stacked jewels calling major attention to your hands. Either way, you’ll be glittering like no one’s business!
Speaking with Vogue, Sarah said:

“I would get the acrylics done, and I would break apart jewelry that I wouldn’t wear anymore, and I would throw them on my nails. At first, it looked like I just stuck my hand in a box of jewelry and pulled [it] out. [The nails] didn’t really coincide with one another, but over time, it started to tell a story.”

The manis aren’t cheap, and can cost as much as $300!
So far, they’re only available at Sarah’s downtown Manhattan salon, but we suppose you can always experiment with some broken jewelry and Crazy Glue.
Or maybe don’t try this at home!
[Image via Sarah Nguyen/Instagram]

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Apr 07, 2017 17:56pm PDT

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