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Selena Gomez Gets Candid About Mental Health & Self-Doubt: 'I Used To Look At Myself And Not Feel Pretty Enough'

Selena Gomez mental health stigma

The year 2020 has seen Selena Gomez expand her brand in all sorts of new directions, with new music, a new cooking show, a new dedication to activism, a brand-new beauty line, and a new focus on wellness and mental health.

(Same dudes obsessing over her, but hey, that’s not really up to her.)

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The pop star opened up about her bipolar diagnosis back in April during an Instagram Live show with Miley Cyrus. Her honesty then was refreshing, but it can’t be easy having your whole life — breakups, career missteps, hospitalizations and all — play out on a global stage. Speaking with People this week, Selena confirmed:

“[Being open] isn’t an easy thing to ask of someone. I’ve had to go away a few times for stuff I didn’t know [I was struggling with] and was confused by. And then this stigma came: What would people think? But when I thought about it, my first answer was, ‘I don’t care, this is my truth.’ I’m not a stigma. I’m a person that walks their life.”

The 28-year-old described her struggle in ways many of us can probably relate to, saying:

“As far as my career, I’m professional and I work very hard. At the same time, I do deal with mental health [issues] and I wanted that to also be known. In the beginning it seemed hopeless. Sometimes it was a challenge for me to even get out of bed. I was like, ‘Why can’t I be like you guys?’ Over the years I’ve finally found my rhythm, but it took me time.”

Some may find it surprising that one of the biggest stars in the world would admit she sometimes feels “not pretty enough” or like she can’t function correctly, but that self-doubt hits everyone. She shared:

“I used to look at myself and feel not pretty enough, but I think it’s natural for people to feel that way sometimes. You feel like you have to look a certain way or be a certain way, but that’s not the case.”

She says her Rare Beauty line is a way for her to reach out to people who feel the same doubts:

“This is a way for me to be a part of a beauty community and say, ‘I’m practicing and I’m learning, and you can too.”

As a companion to her Rare Beauty collection, the Disney Channel alum launched the Rare Impact Fund with the goal of raising $100 million in the next 10 years to help underserved communities get mental health treatment. In the meantime, she imparted some hard-won wisdom about dealing with mental health issues. She advised:

“I’ve tried a ton of different things, but the one thing I’ve never stopped doing is asking for help. That was the hardest part, but I truly believe that that’s why I’m stronger. This is something that is the most important thing in the world to me ’cause it’s my mental health.”

Such a good message! NEVER feel bad about asking for help!

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Selly continued:

“The first thing I do is find space alone, because I [tend to] push and push myself so I don’t have to think about my feelings. I’ll go to my room, lie down, drink some water and take a few deep breaths. Then if I need a friend, I call a friend. If I need my therapist, I call my therapist. On top of the heavy stuff, it’s important to just take time with yourself and be gentle. I know it can seem like bulls**t, but it’s true!”

Of all the many hats Ms. Gomez wears, we have a special place in our hearts for mental health warrior Selena! We’re so glad she’s doing well and sharing her story with the world.

[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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