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Shanna Moakler Has Entered The Miss USA Chat! Her Side Of The Drama!

Shanna Moakler Has Entered The Miss USA Chat!

Shanna Moakler is now speaking out about the Miss USA controversy!

As we’ve been following, this week both Miss USA AND Miss Teen USA resigned from their titles in a shock twist that has left the pageant community scrambling for answers. It doesn’t help that Miss USA Noelia Voigt‘s statement included a hidden message that stated, “I am silenced,” and sources have since come out to claim CEO Laylah Rose has been bullying and harassing them behind the scenes for months. Very concerning!

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Now Travis Barker‘s ex, who won the Miss New York USA pageant in 1995 and was the first runner-up at Miss USA in 1995, is speaking out! On Wednesday, the model took to her Instagram with a lengthy statement about the controversy, sharing:

“First, I will start by saying I am a product of this organization. I started competing in Miss Teen USA at 15 and inherited the title of Miss USA at 19; my love of this organization is so powerful that I have been a State Director for the last 15 years.”

Yep, Shanna is still working for Miss USA! She’s currently the State Director for Nevada and Utah — where Noelia was crowned before snagging the Miss USA title — and was previously a co-executive director of the Miss California USA pageant. Suggesting she is also under a strict NDA, she continued:

“The contract titleholders signed today, I also signed. As state directors, we sign lengthy franchise/licensee contracts with our parent companies. I can’t speak for all State Directors, but I feel confident to speak for the majority; we are not sitting silently; we are working our best behind the scenes to ensure the future of an organization we love dearly.”

Addressing the fact Noelia said she left her role due to mental health reasons, Shanna went on:

“We all pride ourselves on the mental and emotional well-being of all contestants. We all work year-round to try our best to give every contestant and titleholder a positive year where she has a voice to advocate her goals and platforms — a place to get out into her community and make a difference. Not every year is perfect, and personalities can clash; being a titleholder is a job and not one that fits everyone, either. But the goal is to create memories and opportunities to last a lifetime.”

Noelia and Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava‘s reigns came amid a lot of change for the org. Current president Laylah Rose took over in August 2023 after Crystle Stewart stepped down. Crystle’s husband Max Sebrechts previously had to walk away from his VP role amid allegations of sexual harassment. JKN Global Group also bought the Miss Universe Organization in 2022 (though they filed for bankruptcy in October 2023). So, there’s been a LOT going on behind the scenes these last few years.

Regardless of the allegations against Rose, a transition was bound to cause some controversy, Moakler acknowledged:

“Some State Directors, Debbie Miller and Cindy Provost of D&D, whom I admire and look up to as mentors, still run the biggest states today. They have seen numerous owners transition over the decades. As with all new owners, we are navigating the transition as best we can within our means and continue to support the young women and their decisions to align with their personal goals. We are actively working and advocating for what we have always believed in, an organization that empowers women of all ages.”

The mother of three concluded:

“Again, I can only speak for myself as a State Director, but I am here; I hear you, and my love for the org and all its titleholders nationally and internationally is boundless. I genuinely believe that together, we can return to the business of being confidently beautiful and uplifting, a 72-year-old tradition we have all known and loved. You are being seen and heard.”

A noteworthy way to respond to Noelia’s “I am silenced” claim!

And in the caption, Shanna shared a direct message to both of the (now former) titleholders, writing:

“Sorry for this lengthy statement, many years and many people are in my thoughts, I love this organization, @noeliavoigt as your former state Director, I love you and support you always @umasofias you are a brave young woman.”

There doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between UmaSofia and Shanna since the 17-year-old beauty queen replied:

“Love you Shanna”

Well, that’s good. We’re glad to see the ladies have people within the organization who are sticking up for them! Sounds like they’ve really needed it these last few months! See the model’s full statement (below):

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[Image via Shanna Moakler/Instagram & Inside Edition/YouTube]

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