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Sister Wives Star Robyn Brown BLASTS Kody's Ex Christine For Messing Him Up & Ruining Rest Of His Relationships!

Sister Wives Star Robyn Brown BLASTS Kody's Ex Christine

The Sister Wives are all pointing fingers!

On Sunday night’s episode of the TLC reality series, two major conversations between several of the ladies went down in which they discussed the end of most of Kody Brown’s relationships and who’s to blame. As Perezcious readers know, Kody was married to four women — until they all started dropping like flies. Christine was the first to leave in 2021, followed by Janelle in 2022, and Meri this year. This leaves just Robyn in his corner, and she’s not happy about it!

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During the episode, Robyn sat down with Meri and opened up about how “different” Kody has become, particularly after his first breakup. She shared:

“With everything going on … I feel very unsteady. In all reality, Kody is even being different. I don’t feel very steady even with him. […] I love Kody but I never wanted to live monogamy and it feels more and more that’s where it’s kind of headed and I feel angry. I’m really angry. I wanted to live plural marriage and I feel like … I’m starting to feel a little tricked or something or like people are making decisions for my life that I did not choose. It’s making me very angry and very depressed.”

She’s now PISSED at Christine for causing all this, arguing:

“What Christine has done is messed him up. He doesn’t want to admit it, but it’s the truth. Christine totally just destroyed his past. Like, what he thought was a functional situation. She basically said it was horrible. […] Every single minute of every single day type of thing. Stories upon stories of all of the things she was going through and not about you and Janelle as much as him.”

Meri wasn’t buying it, noting in a confessional:

“I don’t believe that Christine said that every bit of our lives was hell. […] I believe she had frustrations, and if that’s what Kody interpreted it as and relayed to Robyn as such, I don’t think that’s fair.”

Meanwhile, Christine also clapped back at the commentary that she changed the patriarch. Addressing claims she caused him to lose his faith, she dished:

“I’m not going to be responsible for Kody losing his religion. That’s ridiculous. […] To put me as the scapegoat for him for losing his faith? I never had that much power over Kody.”

She went on to claim Robyn “crossed a line” when she decided to get a nanny instead of leaning on the others, insisting that “being a sister wife means someone that is there to help you with your kids.” Feeling similar, Janelle complained:

“I can’t even bring anything up with Kody about Robyn because she’s perfect. She’s supportive, She’s the only one who’s been loyal. Like, he just shuts it down. There’s no communication.”

Oof! Tough!

Because of this, Janelle said, “it would take a really great unifying force to bring about any kind of change or bringing people to the table, even.” That’s unlikely to happen at this point! Despite all the women taking aim at Robyn, she told viewers she “didn’t really have big issues” with her sister wives and “wanted relationships with them.” She added:

“This whole story about that I turned him against them is ridiculous and bogus. They’re just not dealing with their own issues. They need to stop talking about me.”

For his part, Kody urged them to “stop pointing fingers,” especially at him and Robyn, insisting they all made mistakes “together.”

Drama, drama, drama! Thoughts?! Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via TLC/YouTube]

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