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Sister Wives Is Canceled Unless THIS Happens…

Sister Wives Is Canceled Unless THIS Happens…

After 18 seasons, Sister Wives might be coming to an end after the current season!

According to a new source for The US Sun on Wednesday, the popular TLC show is near cancelation — and there’s only a few things that could save it!

As we all know, Kody Brown‘s once tight-knit polygamous family has been torn apart over the last few years as he cut ties with wives Christine, Janelle, and Meri. He’s now down to one last remaining significant other, Robyn, and even that’s a strained relationship! More importantly, there’s no longer anything novel about it. We mean… one man and one woman fighting? That’s every other marriage. They got a TV show because people were curious how it works with multiple wives.

The Season 18 premiere last week didn’t hesitate to highlight the family’s struggles… but the same day the show premiered, another series returned on YouTube — Christine’s spinoff Cooking With Just Christine. Now, a source is opening up about the calculated reasoning behind this dual premiere — and the only thing Kody can do to save his legacy now!

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An insider with close ties to the family spilled the tea, telling the outlet:

“Christine’s spinoff is a test to see fan reaction. TLC wants to see if people truly want to have a spinoff series. If that’s the case, then it’s practically guaranteed that this will be the last season of Sister Wives.”


It’s not surprising to hear the network wants to do a spinoff — after a decade, it’s shocking they haven’t already branched out! We doubt Kody would be very happy to have his spotlight stolen by his exes — but what can he do to save Sister Wives? The answer is simple: find a new wife! The insider explained:

“If he can find a new wife and keep his story going, there will be more Sister Wives seasons. If not, it’s going to come to an end and there will be a spinoff – or spinoffs – and the family will move on with their next adventure.”

Makes sense!

They need some fresh storylines, and a new wife is the best way to do that! But will he be able to find one in time?? Seems like a tall order. Unless he can find a gal excited about the prospect of filming fights for reality TV. (Believe us, they are out there!)

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Innerestingly, there might be more than one show featuring the wives! It sounds like Christine and Janelle are deep in the weeds developing a new show of their own, too!

The US Sun has been hearing about a spinoff for a long time now, including in February when a source said the ladies’ show was in development and would be about “life after polygamy” and “female empowerment.” It could also feature some of their kids, who are said to be “on board and all for it.” Christine is also engaged to fiancé David Woolley and her proposal was filmed with the expectation her wedding will be too:

“The wedding most likely will be part of the spinoff, but they are still figuring it out.”

With the addition of Janelle on Season 3 of Cooking With Just Christine, a source told the outlet this week that her being featured is a step toward getting their show on the air:

“This is the leeway to their new show that’s going to be probably coming out by next summer. This is all planned by the network. They’re going to be focusing on Christine and Janelle because after all they’ve been through, they came out winning and still have each other and a lasting friendship. TLC wants to show fans that they are superwomen who are starting their lives over after being in a polygamous relationship for nearly 30 years.”

It’s certainly an interesting concept — and it helps that Christine is the “money maker” of the franchise, per the source! Where she goes cameras and viewers will likely follow!

To prove this, you may have noticed the entire cast was interviewed for a multi-page spread in People last week. But who made the cover? Just Christine and Janelle! Now THAT’s telling!

Sounds like if you want a say in what happens — especially with this spinoff — you better put your views where it counts and watch that YouTube show! Thoughts? Do you think it’s time for Sister Wives to end? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via TLC/YouTube]

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