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Sister Wives Season 19 Will Be ‘Darker’ As Family Asks ‘What Went Wrong’ Leading To Garrison Brown’s Death

Sister Wives Season 19 Will Be ‘Darker’ As Family Asks ‘What Went Wrong’ Leading To Garrison Brown’s Death

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Sounds like fans of Sister Wives will need to mentally prepare for the next season.

In the wake of Janelle and Kody Brown’s son Garrison’s shocking death last month, cameras kept rolling. So when Season 19 starts up, viewers can expect a much “darker” tone than usual. That’s at least what an insider says.

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Garrison tragically died of suicide in his Arizona home last month. On Thursday a source described what the new season of the show will look like, and as you probably expected in the wake of such a tragedy, things are going to be somber — but also full of guilt!:

“It’s going to be darker because they’re going to try to work through, ‘Why did this happen? How could this have possibly happened when [Janelle and her children] are such a strong family?’”

Heartbreaking. And so vulnerable of them to share it all on TV. The insider added:

“They’re going to start breaking each other down a bit to figure out where the mistake happened. Something went wrong somewhere, so it’s like, ‘What went wrong?’ So, they’re going to dive into the problems of the family and how to fix them moving forward.”

There’s no right way for a family to act in the wake of a death, but what’s being described for this season sounds pretty awful, painful… and more relatable than the family has ever been. As the source put it:

“This happens in most families. They think they’re going to take it and run with it… No, they’re just getting ready.”

On top of battling their own guilt, they apparently do some finger-pointing:

“Everyone spends their time blaming each other — that’s kind of what Robyn did when Kody’s wives left him. There’s a lot of guilt in the family right now. A lot of guilt. Everyone’s feeling like they missed something. They’re not sure what they missed, but they’ve missed something as of recent months.”

Janelle has been feeling “so angry and numb” from everything we’ve heard — and this insider agrees. They added:

“I think right now she’s going to go, like, ‘What the heck happened? What did I do wrong?’”

As for Kody, he’s apparently “retreated entirely,” and is in a very “dark,” “depressed” place. Garrison reportedly struggled with depression prior to his death, so hopefully the family really pulls together.

Thoughts? Will you be watching? Let us know in the comments.

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, help is available. Consider contacting the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988, by calling, texting, or chatting, or go to

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