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New Music From Solange! What GREAT Timing!

Eeeeeeek! This is some awkward timing!
The video of Solange fighting Jay Z in the elevator after the Met Gala hit the interwebz yesterday but so did something ELSE that Solange took part in!
Her collab with Chromeo off of their new album!
The song has some veeerrrrrrry telling lyrics that could POSSIBLY be a reference to some struggles with big sis Beyoncé?
She sings:

Who’s gonna to have your time, when it’s down to the minute? (Baby)
Who’s gonna have your time?
Who’s gonna have your back, when the shove comes squishin’? (Uh, Ooh Baby)
Who’s gonna have your back?

Hmmmm…. innnnneresting!
If you listen to the song though, it sounds to us like it’s about a failing romantic relationship, not a family one.
But what do YOU think?!? Is it about Solange and Beyonce?!?

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May 13, 2014 13:40pm PDT

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