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Star Jones' Death Scare!

Star Jones recently revealed that at the young age of 19 doctors discovered a tumor in Jones’ chest that could have been terminal!
Before surgically removing the tumor, doctors told Star she may only have 9 months to live!!
Even though the removal of the tumor saved her life, the former TV personality struggled immensely with the scar the surgery left behind.
“I was diagnosed with a tumor in my chest cavity… It left me with some physical scars and some emotional ones and I used to do everything in my power to hide the scar on the center of my chest,” Star recalled. “I had a complete nervous breakdown, almost. Anxiety attack, crying because I saw my chest with stitches and sutures and it really devastated me.”
Star was able to come to terms with the scar due to her father’s support and reassurance!
You mean she wasn’t birthed by Ursulla the Sea Witch and Donkey Kong????
Says Jones, “[He] said, ‘Baby, the way you’re built, the brothers aren’t looking at that scar.’ I’ll never forget it as long as I live. I thought to myself, ‘That man loves me.’”
We think Papa Jones was trying to tell Star that baby got back!
The former co-host of The View defended her decision to get gastric bypass surgery because the damage the radiation treatments that followed the tumor removal completely wrecked her thyroid.
The good ol’ thyroid excuse!
My thyroid was completely irradiated├óΓé¼┬ªSo I saw myself balloon over the years and then that coupled with being lethargic and sedentary and overeating and relying on food, it just became an epidemic,” Jones explained.
And what about Star’s sit-down with the Big O?
“[Oprah] gives you a very safe place to share and sort of free yourself from demons …Oprah has been very candid about her weight struggles and I think it gave me a little bit of camaraderie to know that I was not just talking to her but I was talking to a number of her viewers who face the same struggle daily…” said Jones on her interview with the talk show queen set to air today, Wednesday.
Is Star Jones on her way to becoming an inspiration???
Who would have guessed!
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Apr 01, 2009 13:30pm PDT

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