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Starting Off On The Wrong Foot


David Beckham has not been winning over any new fans in America.

While the soccer stud has been sidelined due to an ankle injury, he has missed all of his games with the LA Galaxy. He has, however, managed to go out hopping with wife Victoria nearly ever day, have a star-studded welcoming party and go out to Posh dinners at trendy restaurants most nights of the week.

He’s certainly not crippled by pain! Fans in Dallas, though, are said to be crushed that Becks did not show up on Tuesday night for the Galaxy’s game against FC Dallas – a game that had been hyped for months.

He couldn’t pop a few Vicodin, get on a chartered plane and sit in the sidelines???

FC Dallas used Beckham’s star power to charge higher ticket prices for the game. Deluxe field seats went on sale at $250, twice the price of comparable seats for a normal game. Midrange seats cost $65, up from $40, while the cheapest tickets cost $35 instead of $20.

Dallas fans are mad and they are vocal!

“We share our fans’ disappointment,” said Michael Hitchcock, the team’s general manager. “But we want our fans to know that we’re going to make it up to them.”

The team will likely offer steep discounts next time Beckham is in town.

Hitchcock said he and other FC Dallas officials pleaded with their Los Angeles counterparts to fly  Beckham to Texas so fans could at least see him. But doctors insisted he stay in California to complete his recovery, they were told.


You’re gonna have some making up to do Becks!

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Aug 01, 2007 09:25am PDT

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