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Stephanie Pratt Says 'The Hills' Reboot Is A 'Nightmare' And Her Relationship With Spencer Is 'Horrific'

Stephanie Pratt The Hills Reboot

The Hills: New Beginnings? Or fresh hell?
Stephanie Pratt is spilling the tea on the reboot, and it sounds like it’s scalding hot.
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During a jewelry event for MeMe London in America at Switch Boutique over the weekend, the designer told UsWeekly:

“It was really fun at first, and now it’s like a nightmare.”

What’s the problem? Well, everyone is older but not so much wiser — and they all have more to lose! She explained:

“There’s a big divide. You know, the stakes are a lot higher. We’ve got couples who are married with kids. It’s not kind of just like, ‘Oh, you cheated at the bar.’ This is way more life-changing kind of stuff. I’m scared for everyone. And for myself. It’s going to be gnarly.”

On new podcast Pratt Cast (with Bachelor Nation’s Wells Adams), the former/future reality star got trés candid answering questions — even of the personal family variety.
For instance, what’s the deal with her relationship with big bro Spencer Pratt?

“A long time ago, he told me that he unsistered me so I don’t think I’ve been sistered back. It’s been awkward.”

It didn’t help she had to hear about the baby from reading about it in the tabloids!

“I think the headline was ‘Stephanie gets the best gift of all,’ which was just like a horrible shock. [Their] child just turned one and I have seen him five times. I held him once. It’s horrific, but I’m still in a good mood. It’s all good.”

Um… good?
And of course the biggest question — will the show be scripted like last time??

“Everyone thinks [the reboot will be scripted] but from being on Made in Chelsea, I can say this has gotten so real and we’re only a few episodes in that I would do anything for a script.”


“I think people are expecting to see a more mature side of everything. It’s mature in the sense that we all have houses but yeah, that’s it. It’s been crazy. I’m already ready for a break.”

Well, if you want a break, you’re going about it all wrong! Advertising it like this is only ensuring it’s a hit!
[Image via 5/Phil Lewis/WENN.]

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Dec 17, 2018 12:20pm PDT