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Taylor Swift Fans Think Jason Was Hinting At Travis Kelce's Wedding Plans!

Taylor Swift Fans Jason Travis Kelce Wedding Plans Hint New Heights

Could all this talk about Travis Kelce not being ready to commit yet be a huge pump fake? Is there already a wedding being planned? That’s the suspicion at the front of a lot of Taylor Swift fans’ minds after the latest New Heights podcast…

Trav and his big brother Jason Kelce got to talking Adam Sandler movies on Wednesday’s episode, which led to a funny question. Jason asked which Sandman character each had the most in common with.

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Having just waxed poetic about The Waterboy, Trav said he thought of his big bro as “either Bobby Boucher or The Wedding Singer.” That’s when Jason responded:

“I was gonna go Wedding Singer maybe for you.”

Maybe everyone is reading into it, but Jason then gave a mischievous look, straight into camera at both Trav AND us the audience. The Kansas City tight end immediately laughed and blushed, the way he usually does with his brother is trying to embarrass him. Hmm.

You can see the clip starting at about the 16:55 mark (below):

A clip of the convo went viral on X (Twitter) as Swifties couldn’t help but read between the lines! Was Jason teasing his little bro about some secret pending nuptials? We mean… We don’t see Trav as a Wedding Singer type at all, he’s definitely on the Happy Gilmore/Billy Madison end of the Sandler Spectrum! Big heart, big temper, not the best student… LOLz! Why else would Jason say that if he wasn’t teasing??

That was the read of a LOT of Tay fans, too! A few wrote:

“4 ET articles, hand gestures while she performs, now this as Jason stares right at us? COME ON we know what’s up

“Is it my imagination or did Travis turn red?”

“Wasn’t Jason the same person who joked TnT were 100% real sueing an intv few nights before Taylor appeared at that first Chiefs Game? I feel Jason loves keeping Travis on his toes.”

“This is so funny. That man KNOWS we’re watching for a hint.

“It kind of feels we’re in that situation where everyone knows, everyone thinks its great, no one really wants to keep it a secret, but they’ve decided on an “official” date to announce and everyone is just kind of waiting.”

“There won’t be a engagement announcement. There will be a marriage announcement.”

Seems like some folks are convinced! What about you? Was Jason trying to poke at his little bro over the rumors? Or over the secrets??

[Image via New Heights/YouTube/MEGA/WENN.]

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