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The Tech Guy Leo Laporte Accidentally Shows A Penis Photo During His Live Tech Program! See The Awkward Moment HERE!

Leo Laporte Show
Nice pics of your family… jewels that is!
Leo Laporte, a gadget man who hosts a few various internet and TV talk shows has tried to be a friendly face to help people get comfortable with technology.
Well this week he maybe got a little too comfortable and gave us a not-so-family-friendly show when he accidentally showed off an NSFW dick pick (see the video below).
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It happened during his Sunday, May 24th of The Tech Guy show when he attempted to show off Apple‘s new photo app.
Laporte went through the features as any mundane tech help video would when he made the mistake and clicked on his photo library. Laporte brought up all of his imported images — you know, family, friends, holidays and the occasional erect penis…
Laporte was asked what happened with the gaffe and he claimed:

“Trolls posted a photoshop purporting to be my penis… But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.”

Perhaps that would be a bit more believable if he hadn’t been caught in similar incidents before, like when he revealed a sexually heated convo he apparently had with his business partner where he said:

“i still smell and taste you. i adore you.”

And a year later when he had another scandalous email on the screen that said:

“I want you. Your c**k inside me. Wanna f**k?”

You know, everyday stuff LOLz!
Of course the mistake has since been wiped from the video, but thanks to you can check out the censored but still NSFW clip (below)!

And if you MUST see the uncensored version, you can find it HERE!
[Image via YouTube.]

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