The Olympics Get Scandalicious!!!


Now here is an Olympic event we want to hear all about: Whoring!!!

According to sources, American figure skater Evan Lysacek has been stabbed in the back by his competition and his former lover! Evan used to be an item with American ice dancer Tanith Belbin. While Evan has been going head-to-head with fierce and flamboyant opponent Johnny Weir, Tanith has been sharing a room with him!

How trampy!

Oh, and it gets one worse!

The reason she is shacking up with Johnny is due to a housing problem up in Vancouver. She apparently had to choose between bunking with Johnny or bunking with Evan!!!


To honest Evan, we don’t think there is anything for you to be jealous about. We’ve seen Johnny Weir. Trust us, your girl is safe. Besides, even if he wants the girl, let him have her. You’re in 2nd place for male figure skating competition while he’s in 6th.

We think an Olympic medal might fill the void quite nicely!

[Image via AP Images.]

Feb 17, 2010 4:14pm PST

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