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Fans Are NOT Buying Into Sophia Bush Changing The Narrative On Cheating Scandal!

Sophia Bush Glamour Essay Fans React Support Ali Krieger

Well, turns out this whole essay/interview combo Sophia Bush did to take control of the narrative didn’t work out so well!

The One Tree Hill alum took over Glamour to tell her own version of events with ex Grant Hughes and girlfriend Ashlyn Harris. But it doesn’t seem to have worked on a majority of fans! Those following the situation have long gotten the impression there was something sketchy going on in the breakup of both marriages, as we’ve covered pretty extensively. To recap…

First, there was Sophia’s extremely sudden change of heart in her own relationship. She penned that gushing post about her hubby for their anniversary, and then was filing for divorce right after? We thought for sure he’d done something terrible to her! Then she got together with Ashlyn…

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But Sophia swears she didn’t leave Grant for another woman. She said there had been problems from the start and she almost called off the wedding in the first place. And a year later she was dead inside. She wrote in her Glamour op-ed:

“In 2023 my now ex-husband posted a lovely tribute to our first anniversary on Instagram. When I saw it, I felt the blood drain from my face. Fans and friends were telling me how exciting this milestone was and how happy I looked. I felt nothing.”

Except… it was her post that had fans confused. She’s the one who wrote:

“Today marks 365 days of calling you ‘husband.’ Best decision of my life. It still feels just like this. Ecstatic. Running toward the future, grinning and laughing, together. I love you, my favorite. Happy Anniversary.”

She felt nothing and was just putting up a front, huh? Well, we guess it was convincing to everyone??

And then of course there’s the fact Ashlyn’s wife Ali Krieger all but accused her partner of cheating with Sophia! She even referenced Beyoncé‘s Lemonade! So that brings us to who was really upset with Sophia…

In her new essay she made a big point of this being her official “coming out” and not being appreciative she didn’t get to do that her own way. She talked about the very real and sobering fact persecution of the LGBT community is on the rise. And then she tried to say the controversy over her relationship was about it being between two women. She talked about “bullying and harassment” and said:

“What felt like seconds after I started to see what was in front of me, the online rumor mill began to spit in the ugliest ways. There were blatant lies. Violent threats. There were accusations of being a home-wrecker. The ones who said I’d left my ex because I suddenly realized I wanted to be with women — my partners have known what I’m into for as long as I have (so that’s not it, y’all, sorry!).”

Her denial of cheating also referenced homophobia — as sapphic love has long been labeled by controlling men as a form of “hysteria”:

“The idea that I left my marriage based on some hysterical rendezvous—that, to be crystal-clear, never happened—rather than having taken over a year to do the most soul crushing work of my life? Rather than realizing I had to be the most vulnerable I’ve ever been, on a public stage, despite being terrified to my core? It feels brutal.”

She’s pointing toward homophobia, but… a great deal of the criticism we see is coming from the women’s soccer community. That ain’t exactly a MAGA crowd. The ones who listened to Ali and rallied around her aren’t anti-LGBT. They’re upset about what they perceived to be the betrayal of spouses and friends! And they are not keeping their feelings on Sophia’s version to themselves! Especially not the ones who feel like the actress is using coming out as a shield to protect her from the actual controversy, which was the cheating.

See some of the strongest responses to the, ahem, cover story we’ve seen online (below)!

“Not Sophia Bush trying to change the narrative about what went down we all know the truth she actively pursued a married woman which ruined a marriage and broke up a family”

“It’s wild that some people are praising this considering she actively chose to take that platonic friendship further and ruin a marriage and a family. Call it what it is…infidelity. Sophia Bush is a cheater. And after all the s**t she’s spewed about exes doing it to her? Gross.”

“fyi nobody cares that sophia bush is queer we care that she began a relationship with someone while they were married with children and whose wife very clearly didn’t know their marriage was ending!!!! that is the issue!!!!”

“Not Sophia Bush trying to romanticize her stealing someone partner and then blaming the Internet for looking for a scandal like girl”

“i spent years wanting sophia bush to be queer but NOT LIKE THIS”

“F**k Sophia bush and her cheating ass. You can’t change the narrative. You just snitched on yourself. Ali very much was still in a relationship with Ashlyn in Cannes”

“Hahahaha @SophiaBush confirming she was talking and texting and dming with Ashlyn Harris while they were both married for months and they hooked up in Cannes. Ali was telling the truth. Yup. Homewrecker.”

“In a world with people like Sophia Bush and trashlyn don’t be like them. Be like a true queen we love you Ali Krieger!!! #TeamAli”

“ali krieger finding out about the divorce filing because of the people magazine article and posting about being in her lemonade era AND all of the players taking her side is all anyone needs to know. sophia bush and trashlyn can keep trying to spin this but no one believes you”

“you can tell they lost all the friends in the breakup bc a real friend wouldve kept her from doing this interview”

“I can’t even be happy for Sophia Bush bc I’m a woso fan and Ali defender for life”


[Image via Glamour/YouTube/Sophia Bush/Ashlyn Harris/Instagram.]

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