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Man Called 911 After Murdering His Wife -- Because He Was Scared Her Dad Was 'Going To Kill' Him

Man Called 911 After Murdering His Wife -- Because He Was Scared Her Dad Was 'Going To Kill' Him

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A man from Fort Worth, Texas is in jail after confessing to murdering his wife. And he was the one who turned himself in — but not out of remorse! He did so because he was worried that his father-in-law was going to murder him in response!

This sad and bizarre story began back on April 12. Late that night, a woman named Kristlynne Robertson (above, inset) was found shot to death. Only it wasn’t initially apparent she’d been shot. Instead, it took cops hours to figure out what happened and who was responsible. But in the end, they charged her husband Christopher Robertson (pictured above, in his mugshot) with the murder.

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Fort Worth cops were first called to the Robertson household by Christopher’s brother. He had gotten home in the middle of the night after being gone for several days. When he arrived, he found Christopher “extremely intoxicated,” according to the arrest affidavit via Fox 4 Dallas. As the two brothers were interacting, the unnamed sibling “smelled a strong foul odor” then saw Christopher “walk into his bedroom” and trip over something. The brother probed further, and that’s when he made a shocking discovery: the corpse of a woman (who was later identified to be Kristlynne) was “wrapped up inside a blue tarp.”


The brother immediately took Christopher out of the house. He called 911, and also removed a handgun from Christopher’s bedroom “and placed it in his room for safe keeping.” Cops responded immediately. Per Law & Crime, which obtained the arrest warrant for Christopher, one officer walked into the bedroom and confirmed the awful sight for himself:

“[The woman] appeared not to be wearing a shirt and there was blood on her skin and there appeared to be a bruise or mark on the right side of her neck.”

Homicide detectives did not at first realize the marks on the woman’s neck were a small-caliber gunshot wound. The corpse was in such a horrible state, it was difficult to tell what happened — and there was no exit wound anywhere on her body that they could find. Sadly, Christopher was of no help. When detectives showed up, he was too drunk to speak. In the arrest warrant, an investigator noted:

“[Christopher] was too intoxicated to understand what I was saying or provide a meaningful response.”

But they didn’t arrest him!! They executed a search warrant on the home, removed Kristlynne’s body, delivered it to medical examiners… but didn’t even detain Christopher. Huh? Coroners were able to determine she had in fact been shot on the lower left side of her face. They found bullet fragments in her head — and no exit wound. Cops also took the gun that Robertson’s brother had stashed. But again, Christopher was NOT taken into custody. WTF?!

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The story took an even more bizarre turn about twelve hours later. Around noon the next day, Christopher called 911 himself and asked for help from the Fort Worth PD. In the call, he said to dispatchers:

“My father-in-law is going to kill me.”

And to make clear how serious the situation was, he added the confession:

“I killed his daughter… I actually killed his daughter.”

Detectives rushed back to the house. Once there, per the arrest warrant, Christopher “admitted to shooting his wife one time and stated that he wanted to go to jail.” And he handed over another gun — one that he claimed was actually the murder weapon. The gun the brother found and kept from Christopher the night before wasn’t even the one that killed her!

Frankly, we’re confused why cops didn’t have enough to arrest Christopher that first night. They had the corpse, the bloody and bruised state it was in, the gun found at the scene, and the brother’s statements?! Neither local nor national outlets have yet been able to shed light on why Christopher wasn’t even detained that night. But maybe if he had been he wouldn’t have had the fear of god put in him by his father-in-law?

Thankfully, Christopher is in custody now — and with a confession to boot! Per Fox 4 Dallas, he is being held at Tarrant County Jail on a $100,000 bond. Tragically, family members told that local news outlet that Kristlynne left behind five children. That is so, so sad. We send our condolences to her children and the rest of her family, friends, and loved ones.


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[Image via Tarrant County Jail/Fort Worth Police Department Handout/Facebook]

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