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Doja Cat Doesn't Want Your Kids At Her Shows!!

Doja Cat Doesn't Want Your Kids At Her Shows!!

No babysitter? No concert!

Doja Cat has released a very heated PSA to her fans — begging them to leave their kids at home for concerts! On Friday, the musician took to X (Twitter) to demand her concertgoers adhere to her desire to have an adults-only crowd at her shows moving forward. The rapper, who literally has a song called Wet Vagina, argued:

“idk what the f**k you think this is but i don’t make music for children so leave your kids at home motherf**ker”


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It’s not that she doesn’t like kids — she’s more concerned about them watching her wildly NSFW performances! Which is totally fair! She went on:

“im rapping about cum why are you bringing your offspring to my show”

LOLz! It *is* a strange choice!

Really doubling down on how much she doesn’t want to see her fans’ babies, the 28-year-old added:

“rappin about eatin d**k and pissin on his v-cut, leave your mistake at home”


It’s unclear what inspired this rant, but a quick look at her Coachella set makes it clear why the singer finds it so disturbing to see little kids in the crowd! For the music festival, the Kiss Me More vocalist was seen rolling around, grinding, and twerking in mud. The whole thing was super sexual — and certainly not meant for kids! See (below):

On the one hand, we see where Doja’s coming from! It’s not like this is Miley Cyrus Can’t Be Tamed era — where parents may have unknowingly brought their kid to the former child star’s show thinking they were going to see something more akin to the Hannah Montana days. Doja’s vibe has always been pretty mature. Fans should know better!

But does she have a right to say who is and isn’t allowed at her shows? There’s no age restriction on most concert ticket sales, after all. Should there be?? Like an NC-17 rating?

Interestingly, Doja’s not the only one battling with this dilemma right now. Stand-up comedian Arj Barker just caused controversy after kicking out a breastfeeding mother and her loud baby mid-show in Australia — in a move that left the parent fuming and mortified. After the fact, Arj insisted he wasn’t trying to be cruel and just didn’t want the kiddo disturbing the other attendees’ experience. Plus, the ticket website stated the show was for ages 15+, so he had that going for him. But still, it sparked a big debate — just as Doja’s tweets likely will!

What’s your stance on this? Should kids be allowed to attend events based on their parents’ discretion? Or does Doja have a point? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN & Doja Cat/YouTube]

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