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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Reveals His Mom Survived A Horrific Late-Night Car Crash -- OMG!

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Reveals His Mom Survived A Horrific Late-Night Car Crash -- OMG!

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is thanking a higher power for looking after his mother following a terrible car crash in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

The pro wrestler-turned-movie star took to Instagram on Thursday evening to reveal that his 74-year-old mother, Ata Johnson, had been banged up in a car accident somewhere in El Lay.

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As shocking and scary as that was for the 50-year-old film star, he immediately looked on the bright side of the situation. In that, he revealed to fans his beloved mother is doing well, considering the circumstances.

The Walking Tall actor started off his Instagram post by thanking God that his mom came out of the wreck alive:

“Thank you God she’s ok. Angels of mercy watched over my mom as she was in a car crash late last night. She’ll survive and continue to get evaluated.”


The DC movie star didn’t give a ton of details about where the accident occurred in Los Angeles, or the circumstances behind it. He did note Ata has now survived a “head on collision with a drunk driver and attempted suicide,” though, which is a very scary (and cryptic) note in this story:

“This woman has survived lung cancer, tough marriage, head on collision with a drunk driver and attempted suicide. She’s a survivor, in ways that make angels and miracles real. Thank you LAPD & LAFD for being so caring & focused. Thanks for staying on phone and talking me thru it all.”

The Rock wrapped his shocking IG post with advice for his followers to show their parents some love before it’s too late:

“I got one parent left, so if you still got your mom and dad make sure you hug ‘em hard, cos you never know when you’ll get that 3am call we never want to get.”

That’s great advice. Especially considering how the ex-pro wrestler was just abruptly reminded of his mother’s mortality in such a scary way.

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Here is the full post, including a shot of the mangled car in which Ata was driving when the crash occurred:

So scary!!

As TMZFox News, and others note, there isn’t any further info available yet as to the specific circumstances or site of the crash.

Down in the comments, celebs and fans alike flocked to show love and support. Fellow actor Tyrese — who recently lost his own mother in emotional circumstances — echoed The Rock’s gratitude by writing:

“Praise God we love you angel mother!!!!!!!!!! Praise God in the name of Jesus you will ALWAYS be covered… We love you mother!!! GRACE!!!!!”

Others like champion skier Lindsey Vonn (below), delivered their support, as well:

“Thank God she’s ok!!!!”

As you might expect, many more flooded the comments, too. Pierce BrosnanJohnny KnoxvilleDana White, and lots of other celebs and social media influencers were there to back The Rock alongside his millions of his fans.

And now we send our love to Ata as she continues to recover, too!!

[Image via Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson/Instagram/CBS Mornings/YouTube]

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