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Weight Loss Influencer Who Lost 80 Lbs Reveals Bizarre Diet That FINALLY Worked After 20 Years!

Tiffany Magee Weight Loss Influencer Strange Diet Sausage Mustard

This weight loss program has some impressive results! But, um, we’re not sure how many folks could actually stomach it…

Tiffany Magee has gone viral for her weight loss journey on TikTok, attracting over 670,000 followers and 14.5 million likes on her videos. Obviously folks are impressed by her progress. Since 2016 (above, left), she’s lost 80 lbs — and importantly, kept it off! In fact, she was down 90 at one point, but she’s been putting on healthy muscle. How did she do it??

It begins with a very strict diet. One that, well, let’s just say no pain, no gain.

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Magee has been sticking with roughly the same lunch every day — chicken apple sausage, a boiled egg, cottage cheese, raw vegetables (including broccoli, asparagus, radishes, Brussels sprouts, hearts of palm), and the glue that ties it all together — mustard. Lots and lots of mustard. Everything dipped in mustard. Here she is enjoying lunch in one of her very popular videos:


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For breakfast she has a variation without the meat or veggies: eggs, cottage cheese, and — you guessed it — mustard.

Mustard has been the key, allowing Tiffany to eat all of this healthy raw food, with very little sugar. She just smothers it all in the yellow goodness. Well, goodness if you love mustard. We’re not sure most taste buds could take this, tbh! But it works for her! And as she wrote on her blog, nothing else had:

“I’ve struggled with weight loss since I was eight years old. My whole family was overweight, and the way we ate made it impossible for me to be a healthy weight. By the time I was 15, I felt miserable and my confidence was shot. I wanted to be fit, healthy, and happy but I was none of these. My feet were always hurting, I was tired 24/7, I had an uncontrollable hunger, always sweaty, I lived off mountain dew and sodas, and every meal I ate was boxed food or fast food. No matter what clothes I wore, I felt so uncomfortable and embarrassed in my body.”

She explained:

“After 20 years of dieting and crashing, I finally learned how to lose weight without either starving myself, developing an eating disorder, or crashing after I dieted.”

The mustard diet! We’re so happy for her that she found what worked! And it’s great that she’s sharing with others! She even self-published an e-book about her diet called Live, Laugh, Mustard. LOLz!

Would this diet work for YOU??

[Image via Tiffany Magee/Instagram/TikTok.]

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Jun 27, 2023 12:55pm PDT

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