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Victoria's Secret Photographer Timur Emek Accused Of Misconduct By Several Women!

Timur Emek accused of misconduct!

After Marcus Hyde — who has worked with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian West and Ariana Grandewas accused of misconduct, another high-profile photographer is being called out.

On Tuesday, Instagram account Diet Prada published a shocking post — comprised of IG Stories and alleged direct messages — where several women accuse New York-based photographer Timur Emek of wrongdoing.

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Per his website, the Berlin-born artist — who has reportedly shot for Victoria’s Secret — specializes in people and fashion photography, and has been featured in magazines such as Vogue and GQ.

According to production designer Haley Bowman, Emek allegedly pulled down her shirt, and forced her hand onto his erect penis during a shoot.

She penned:

“He took about 3 photos of me before pulling down my shirt. I nervously pull it back up. He then pulled the other strap down and *click click click* snapped a bunch of photos while I was exposed. Now thinking of an exit strategy, I start fidgeting. All of a sudden, he grabs my hand and puts it on his junk — he was fully erect, btw. ‘Look what you did,’ he said. ‘What are you going to do about it?’ I pulled away and he pulls his pants down all the way. He grabs my hand again to put it on his junk, I pull away citing a boyfriend. He grabs me again. This goes on for what felt like years.”

Haley Bowman details Timur Emek's alleged misconduct.
Haley Bowman details Timur Emek’s alleged misconduct. / (c) Haley Bowman via Diet Prada

Per Diet Prada, Emek allegedly also offered to “help” model Julia Francina in the industry in exchange for “some fun.”

When she clarified, “What kind of fun?” he allegedly wrote back:

“I am a man… think about it :-)”

Timur Emek's alleged exchange with Julia Francina.
Timur Emek’s alleged exchange with Julia Francina. / (c) Diet Prada

Lastly, in June 2017, it is claimed that Emek allegedly lied to Turkish model Deniz Tekin, and told her that her agency at the time already approved a topless shoot.

On the contrary, Timur was reportedly on the agency’s blacklist of photographers.

Per alleged direct messages, after Emek and Tekin went back and forth about the revealing photo session, he allegedly wrote to her:

“I usually do only paid shoots. If I don’t get paid 🙂 then we shoot after my rules.”

"I usually do only paid shoots. If I don't get paid :-) then we shoot after my rules."
“I usually do only paid shoots. If I don’t get paid 🙂 then we shoot after my rules.” / (c) Diet Prada/Instagram

Diet Prada added:

“It’s a relief to know that there are agencies out there that refuse to be complicit and hopefully more will step it up, but for every model with an agency, there are dozens of girls who are navigating independent modeling work on their own. The stories on the rest of the slides are unfortunately all too familiar. #TimesUp for these sh**ty men.”

Read the full post (below):

[Image via Timur Emek/Facebook.]

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