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Todd Chrisley Says He Can't 'Get Past' Issues With Daughter Lindsie & He's 'Not Interested' In Reconciliation

Todd Chrisley explains why he and Lindsie Chrisley shall remain estranged.

Todd Chrisley is making one thing very, very clear: he has no interest in having a private sit-down with his estranged eldest daughter Lindsie.

The 52-year-old Chrisley Knows Best family patriarch is opening up this week about the ins and outs of what he is calling a “heartbreaking” situation stuck far apart from Lindsie. But even as he laments the fact that neither party is seeing eye-to-eye right now regarding how to mend their relationship, there are certain lines he still refuses to cross.

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Speaking to PeopleTV for their Reality Check series this week, Julie Chrisley‘s husband admitted that a couple weeks ago, their 31-year-old daughter had reached out requesting a meeting with everybody’s lawyers present. Todd didn’t feel like that was a situation set up for success on his end, though, and he quickly explained why he waved it off:

“I am not interested in that. There are certain things in life that I don’t think you get past. And unfortunately, I think that’s where Lindsie and I are.”


Of course, the “certain things” he could be talking about there could be the sex tape extortion accusation, or the tax fraud allegations, or… yeah, well, you get the picture.

Still, Todd is trying his best — or at least saying he’s trying his best — to look at things from as objective a perspective as he can get. That means not holding any anger towards Lindsie, as he explains:

“You have to be careful, because anger is a tricky thing. And if you hold on to the anger it almost becomes like the fuel that fuels you to allow it to grow bigger and bigger. And I just don’t have any anger anymore. The hurt is still there, and I think the hurt will always be there. But I’m not looking to intrude in Lindsie’s life. We’re leading a very full life, and I wish nothing but the greatest joys and blessings for Lindsie and for Jackson.”

Jeez! Sounds… final?! Is he just planning on never talking to Lindsie again, then, or what?!

At issue for the eldest daughter (among other things) is Todd’s public and very cryptic pronouncement of support after she first announced her divorce from husband Will Campbell. But now, Todd is walking back the importance of that moment — even going so far as to say that his public IG post was not a reconciliation attempt:

“There was no purpose or intent in my post. I was hoping that that quote would help her. Would help give her the strength that she needs to do what she needs to do. Make no mistake about it, although I’m not looking for a day-to-day relationship, I’m not looking for that ever to be a part of my life. If that’s something that happens, then God will have his hand on that, and God will guide it. I’m not pursuing it and Lindsie’s not pursuing it. The post was merely to not just lift up Lindsie, but to lift up every person that follows me.”


Does anybody really believe Todd would ever do anything publicly-involved without having “purpose or intent” behind it??

What do U make of this ongoing esgtrangement, Perezcious readers? Time to buckle down for the long haul, it would seem, because neither side (nor their attorneys) may budge for quite a while…

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN/YouTube]

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