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Tom Sandoval Accused Of Cheating On Ariana Madix AND Raquel Leviss With ANOTHER Woman!!!

Bravo/YouTube, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

Tom Sandoval may have some ‘splaining to do with both his ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix AND his mistress Raquel Leviss!

As you most likely know, Ariana broke up with Sandoval after she discovered he was having a months-long affair with their Vanderpump Rules co-star. The 37-year-old cocktail book author reportedly found out about the devastating news when she spotted some inappropriate messages and a video on his phone during his band’s concert last week. Since then, a lot of other evidence of the restaurant owner and Raquel’s relationship has surfaced, cast members have slammed the pair’s affair, and more. It’s been a whole mess. Eventually, BOTH chose to apologize to Ariana publicly for their actions… on the same day. Like they discussed it overnight.

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But the apology tour might not be ending for Sandoval! Because now it’s been alleged he didn’t just cheat on Ariana with one person. Nope! The 39-year-old singer has been accused of cheating on her — AND on Raquel — with another woman!

Marketing manager Patrick Somers accused Sandoval of cheating on the two ladies with his best friend, a woman named Julia. He first dropped the bombshell on Instagram Stories on Sunday, boldly claiming:

“Tom tom tom…So let me get this straight. You were cheating on Ariana with Raquel but cheating on raquel with my bestie Julia… Got it.”

OMG!!! Who the heck is Julia???

Not buying it? Well, Patrick included some proof to go along with his accusations. He went on to share some screenshots of a conversation he had with Sandoval about the matter, writing in the DMs:

“Find it funny that after all this you were messing around with Julia at the same time… It’s scary how good of a liar you are. Would be a shame if I said something.”

The TomTom owner then allegedly replied:

“Patrick. I don’t want problems and will text Julia privately with an apology. I am sorry.”

Sorry, WHAT?! Not “Who?” Not “Never heard of her.” He said he’d text that woman privately?!?

Of course, these posts quickly gained the attention of Bravo fans — and Sandoval (of course) wasn’t thrilled about it. He later asked Patrick to delete the Stories, but the social media personality refused to follow through with the request. Instead, he posted another screen recording of Sandoval threatening to pursue legal action against him if he continued to air out his dirty laundry. The DMs showed Sandoval saying:

“Bro. Take your stories down please. I don’t need to be dealing with more s**t. It’s becoming unsafe with my family and business partners. I said I would text Julia.”

However, Patrick wasn’t caving into his demands. He flat-out refused to take down his posts before dropping a major bombshell. What’s the tea? Well, Patrick accused Sandoval of getting Julia pregnant at some point! He wrote!

“I’m good. It’s all the lies you told her for me. I want to marry you. But wouldn’t even date her but after the abortion thing you ghosting her for weeks. BUT THEN TO FIND OUT ON TOP OF ALL THAT you were cheating. You’re a f**king loser and I will be prancing around doing a ‘press tour.’”

WHAT?! The Schwartz & Sandy’s owner responded:

“Legal team will be in contact shortly.”

We should make it clear, we have NO IDEA if any of this is true. But clearly, Patrick isn’t afraid of the bartender’s legal team as he posted the DMs to Twitter later. And as of this writing they are STILL UP! Ch-ch-check it out (below):

Wow. Sandoval is pulling some Jax Taylor-level drama here!

While Patrick did not reveal the full name of his best friend at first, he reportedly only followed three women named Julia. But the marketing guy later posted a video clarifying a few details about what he said – including the other woman’s identity. He first noted his Instagram was deactivated for the next 30 days after that Tom’s team reported it for posting their private messages.

He then confirmed that the person Sandoval was also involved with was a fitness and life coach named Julia Sandoval. No, we are not joking. And no, they are not related! The scandal isn’t THAT wild. Patrick noted, “the last name is just a coincidence – there are no ties there.” As for the alleged abortion? Patrick clarified that it wasn’t a “forced abortion,” explaining:

“With the abortion thing, no, he didn’t slap her and be like you have to get an abortion, and physically throw her in the car. No, but he told her like ‘You know, you’re not going to be able to model if you’re pregnant. I’m not going to be able to financially support you.’ Somebody who is in a position like that and hears those things, they’re going to be swayed one way or the other.”

Yeesh. Wonder what the cast of Vanderpump Rules must think about the latest accusations…

Of course, Sandoval has not addressed his alleged infidelity with “Julia.” So we’ll have to see if he makes a formal statement about the matter — or if anyone else comes forward with some more cheating accusations. In the meantime, drop your reactions to the new messy claims in the comments below!

[Image via Bravo/YouTube, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen]

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