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Right-Wingers Think Dating Taylor Swift Proves Travis Kelce Is... Gay?!?

Travis Kelce Dating Taylor Swift Is Gay Right Wing Twitter

Man, the MAGA weirdos hate Taylor Swift!

She’s the perfect storm of not liking Trump, being an LGBT ally, having a huge influence over young voters, and of course… being a woman. Everything they hate all in one. But their latest attack is so utterly ludicrous it’s less a shot and more of an instant own-goal. (Wrong sport?)

Obviously they hate that she’s involved at all in the NFL, even if it’s just that she’s dating a football player and cheering him on each week. But the newest theory going viral is just… well, it’s honestly making us laugh out loud it’s so stupid!

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An actor turned alt-right pundit named Owen Benjamin explained the thinking in a viral tweet on Tuesday:

“Why would a rich famous guy marry a 34 year old woman? If you started immediately you MIGHT be able to have two kids. And she’s publicly had sex with a ton of guys. Despite her wealth she’s very low quality for any successful male. Just seems weird and almost like he’s a gay guy.”

He added:

“Why would a successful man want a middle aged woman who’s always on tour? Is it…could it be…because he’s gay?”

Wow, so much to unpack there. There’s misogyny, homophobia, ageism, sex shaming… all in one short tweet. Impressive in a way.

Obviously Tay and Trav won’t be responding to this, it’s far, far beneath them. But hey, why not? This is what we do. Let’s play, Owen.

In his estimation, Taylor Swift — one of the most famous, beautiful, beloved, successful women to ever live is “very low quality” as a catch. Because she’s 34. We assume this neanderthal thinks a football star would be better off with a teenage tradwife he just got finished grooming, that does seem to be what the conservatives praise these days. Rather than a brilliant artist who also happens to be a global sex symbol and, not for nothing, a billionaire! With a B!

Fellas, going for a gal like that is clearly an OGT these days. If you want to date a rich, gorgeous pop star who’s oVeR tHirTy, you may as well put a rainbow kerchief in your back pocket. Again, we are talking about A MAN DATING A WOMAN. So gay. Just the gayest.

This is so inane we’d love to say it’s just a parody account, but no. Benjamin is a known alt-right with white supremacist views that got him booked on PragerUAlex Jones, and Joe Rogan — and also got him banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Of course, X is a little different from Twitter… so here he is making great points for his side again. Sigh.

These people, we swear.

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