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OK, But Are Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce ASTROLOGICALLY Compatible?!

OK, But Are Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce ASTROLOGICALLY Compatible?!

Once upon a time, the planets and the fates, and all the stars aligned… but did they spell out Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce‘s names?!

The founder of has all the answers! While speaking with TooFab on Tuesday, Susan Miller dished on all things Tay and Trav — and when you really get to looking at their star signs, things start to fall into place. As Swifties know, the musician was born on December 13, 1989, making her a Sagittarius. Meanwhile, NFL fans might know the Kansas City Chiefs star is a Libra, with his big day falling on October 5 of the same year. …So? According to the famed astrologer, this is FANTASTIC news:

“She’s great with Travis. Fabulous. He’s a Libra. Libras always wanna get married. That’s always a driving force. And they make great husbands and wives. Every Libra I have ever talked to, when you say, ‘Would you like to come over and dinner on Friday night?’ They never say, ‘Sure.’ They say, ‘Let me check with my partner first.’ They’re very differential. They’re always including the other person. Never speaking for that person. So he would be good.”

Ooh! With rumors of wedding bells and potentially a proposal already having happened — this seems like it could be fated!

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Both of them were “born under lucky stars” according to Susan, and the tight end’s moon sign matches up with the Lavender Haze singer’s, giving them a special connection:

“His moon is in Sagittarius, and she’s [a] Sagittarius. He understands her on a very deep level.”

T-Swizzle and her beau also have Jupiter — which is said to be very, very good luck — in Cancer, which is a family-oriented sign. A very “important element” to their chemistry:

“They both have Jupiter in Cancer. So family’s important. I think that’s an important element.”

And the compatibilities just keep going! In all of Susan’s years of expertise with astrology, the famous couple just might be the most “made for each other” she’s seen:

“This is just crazy how perfect they are. His Venus is in Scorpio. She has Scorpio rising. … I don’t know how they found each other! This is crazy!”


She’s got some predictions for their rumored engagement and possible marriage, too. While she doesn’t believe they’re engaged yet, she does suspect it’s coming soon:

“This year, Sagittarius, after May 25th — not yet — from May 25th for 12 months into the middle of 2025, have the best marriage aspects of any sign. We’re all going to look forward to seeing her in a wedding dress. [There’s] a very strong possibility [they will get engaged and possibly married] between May 25th, 2024 through May 25th, 2025.”

Explaining the situation, the astrologer says this is “one of the best placements” for tying the knot:

“It would be the best time in 12 years to do it because Jupiter is not coming back to [Swift’s] marriage house for 12 years after that. Now, of course, everybody gets other opportunities to get married. … But this is Jupiter, the giver of gifts, the great good fortune, of happiness of growth. That’s one of the best placements to have when you get married.”

The only “little problem” the expert sees when talking weddings, though, is Sagittariuses are prone to hesitating on tying the knot — they’re known as “bachelor” signs, after all! She explained:

“It’s the one sign that’s terrified of getting married. Of course, some Sags get married, but they certainly take their time, and they have to be sure that their partner likes to travel.”

But no need to worry, shippers! There’s a good chance these two will work according to the stars, and just like the rest of us, Susan is “rooting” for them:

“That’s what I see in this chart. Solid values. She’s super feminine. And he’s super macho. It’s like a magnet. I’m rooting for this to work.”

Whether you believe in astrology or not, it seems like Taylor and Travis have it on their side! We’ll just have to wait and see if any of this is accidental…

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