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Tupac Shakur Files For Unemployment In Kentucky -- Yes, Really!

That wasn’t a typo: Tupac Shakur is alive and well in Kentucky, aside from the fact that it took forever to get his unemployment check from the government.

Confused? Don’t be, because we’re not talking about that Tupac Shakur: we’re talking about the 46-year-old man who happens to share the same name as the late rap legend.

Apparently, Kentucky’s governor Andy Beshear called out who he thought was a prankster for filing for unemployment under the name Tupac Shakur earlier this month, saying at a press conference:

“We had somebody apply for unemployment for Tupac Shakur here in Kentucky. And that person may have thought they were being funny, they probably did. Except for the fact that because of them, we had to go through so many other claims.” 

Little did the governor know, Tupac Shuker is a REAL guy who lives in the Lexington area. Although Tupac Malki Shakur actually goes by his middle name, his real legal name is identical to the deceased rapper. 

According to local reports, Malki filed for unemployment benefits on the first day he possibly could (March 13). Unfortunately, the payments never showed up, prompting him to repeatedly call the office to figure out why.

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Speaking to, Malki said he’s been trying to figure out why he still hasn’t received his payment, but never guessed it was because the government thought it was a joke. He told the outlet:

“I’ve been struggling for like the last month trying to figure out how to pay the bills… I’m hurt, I’m really embarrassed and I’m shocked. He needs to apologize. That’s just my name.”

Poor guy! Initially, Beshear’s office claimed they couldn’t confirm the identity of Mr. Shakur, but after a local newspaper that was covering the story gave the man’s phone number to the office, Beshear called Shakur the next day and personally apologized.

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Tupac told the outlet he appreciated the call and forgave the governor’s office for the mixup, noting:

“I understand, he’s dealing with a lot. Mistakes happen.”

Interestingly enough, Shakur wasn’t born with the same name as the late rap icon.

The man told the publication his father practiced Islam and after he died in the 1990s, he started following the religion. He decided to change his name in 1998 and chose the last name because it means “thankful to God” in Arabic.

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