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United Airlines Passenger Stung By A Scorpion That Fell From An Overhead Bin!

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United Airlines is just crawling in controversy this week!
The airline is flying a stormy sky of viral outrage after violently dragging a passenger off of an overbooked flight.
Now, another passenger has felt the sting of the company’s incompetency… by literally getting stung by a scorpion during his flight!
Richard Bell was on a flight from Houston to Calgary on Sunday when a scorpion reportedly fell from an overhead bin and landed right onto his head!
The Canadian traveler took the honey-colored arachnid from his hair and dropped it onto his tray. When he picked it up again, the scorpion stung him — which, according to Bell, “felt like a wasp sting.”
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The animal, which was likely a stowaway in someone’s luggage, was then stomped on by another passenger before the remains were thrown into a toilet.
The flight crew contacted emergency personnel on the ground for medical advice.
EMS officials came aboard when the plane landed in Calgary, though Bell declined medical treatment and showed “no signs of distress,” according to a spokesperson.
There’s nothing like a scorpion sting to ruin the end of your vacation. But we’re sure other United passengers would much prefer being attacked by a rogue creature than airport personnel.
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Apr 13, 2017 13:14pm PDT

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