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Idaho Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger's EXTREMELY Suspicious Behavior After Killings

University Of Idaho Murders Bryan Kohberger Wore Gloves After Killings

When an arrest was made last week in the University of Idaho murders, it came as such a shock we really had no idea how the police even found this guy. But after the release of the probable cause affidavit on Thursday, we now know the Moscow PD and FBI found a MOUNTAIN of evidence.

His car was caught on video, his phone data was all around the house, his DNA was on a knife sheath left at the murder scene, and on top of all that, one of the surviving roommates SAW A MAN LEAVING and provided a description that fit!!!

So now we know why police went after him. But it turns out there’s even more that cops saw while staking him out before the big arrest.

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Kohberger traveled from his residence in Washington State University, where he was pursuing a PhD in criminology, to his parents’ home in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania in mid-December, about a month after the murders of Kaylee Goncalves, Xana KernodleEthan Chapin, and Maddie Mogen. His whereabouts were learned about four days before his bust — so what was happening before then?

Law enforcement sources told CNN on Friday, local police were tasked with two missions: the first was to keep their eyes on him to make sure his exact location was known the moment the arrest warrant was issued. The other was to find something with DNA on it that they could match with what they had from the crime scene. It seems that after being extremely sloppy in Moscow, Kohberger’s criminology studies finally came into play at this time. Because it seems like he was actively trying to stop the police from getting his DNA.

According to a law enforcement source, police watched as the 28-year-old “cleaned his car, inside and outside, not missing an inch.” That’s explainable enough — he’d just ended a cross-country road trip with his dad, after all. But he was also seen multiple times when he left the house wearing surgical gloves.

Video: Watch Bryan Kohberger & His Dad Slip Out Of Traffic Stop!

Yeah, remember that woman who claimed a Pennsylvania cop leaked info to her husband? Turns out all of that was legit! Kohberger WAS wearing gloves whenever he went out! But not winter-in-New-England gloves, the kind one might wear to prevent their DNA and/or fingerprints from getting on anything. And if that wasn’t sus enough…

The source says he was seen dumping trash at 4 a.m. into the neighbor’s bin instead of his parents’!

Of course, they were already staking him out at the time, so agents just went and grabbed the trash after he went inside. And as we know, they got DNA from his father that definitively matched the parental DNA of what they got from the crime scene, too. So maybe he wasn’t the top of his criminology classes after all…

What do YOU think of this behavior, Perezcious paralegals? Will it help prosecutors make their case??

[Image via Fox6/Lionsgate/YouTube.]

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