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University Of Idaho Serial Killer? Nearby Couple's Dog Was 'Skinned' & 'Filleted' A Month Before Murders...

University Of Idaho Murders Dog Killed Skinned Serial Killer Theory

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

The University of Idaho murders are already horrifying enough… but is it possible this isn’t over? What if the killings are the work of a serial killer who’s just getting started??

That’s what some folks in Moscow are worried about. And it’s not so irrational a fear as one might think…

As we previously reported, Ethan Chapin and Xana Kernodle (both 20), and Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves (both 21) were found stabbed to death on the morning of November 13. Police were at the off-campus residence responding to a call about an unconscious person when they found the murders — a scene so gruesome, the blood could literally be seen dripping down the outside walls of the house.

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Thus far law enforcement have said the murders were likely a “targeted” attack on these four students. There were two roommates present who weren’t killed, the coroner says the students were sleeping when they died so it wasn’t a robbery being interrupted. Those details point to an intentional attack. But what could drive someone to kill four college kids? And so brutally??

The investigation thus far has not yielded any suspects or even persons of interest, not that Moscow PD has shared anyway. What if this was planned… but not personal? Like the way a serial killer works? This doesn’t fit a pattern of course, we would have heard about other such brutal killings, especially in as small a town as Moscow, Idaho. But that would make sense if this was the firstDr. Casey Jordan, one of the top criminal profilers in the country, weighed in with just such a thought, telling Inside Edition over the weekend:

“You could have somebody who is a potential serial killer who has been thinking about doing this for a very long time. If the fantasy was fulfilled, then the fantasy will bloom even larger and very often, we will find a perp who feels compelled to do it again.”

She added that this kind of multiple murder isn’t unprecedented:

“Don’t forget, Ted Bundy killed two sorority sisters. He’s very famous for being a serial killer, but he did commit a multicide. We have seen this too with Richard Speck, who killed eight nurses in one night all in their dorm room. The idea of campus killings and campus multicides, killing more than one person at once, has happened.”

And she thinks, if they aren’t caught, they might kill again…

A scary thought. And it’s just what Autumn Goncalves, sister of victim Kaylee, is afraid of. She rebuked the cops’ efforts to calm everyone down, posting on her Instagram last week:

“No one is in custody and therefore no one is safe. Whoever did this … is still out there and if he is sick enough to murder FOUR sweet, innocent humans so brutally, he is sick enough to do it to anyone else.”

A new twist in the case has come to light that may support the serial killer theory. Serial killers often start with animals and move up to humans. And there was an animal brutally killed with an edged weapon in the area — only weeks earlier.

Jim and Pam Colbert told on Sunday that their poor dog was killed in October. Buddy, an adorable 12-year-old mini Australian Shepherd went missing a few weeks ago. Pam recalled:

“We let Buddy out and somebody must have been waiting out there. Bud never leaves the yard but this person grabbed Buddy… We always leave our doors open and he didn’t come back in. Later that night, Jim went out calling him and couldn’t find him. Friends came up and started looking for him and eventually found him.”

When he was found, poor Buddy “had been skinned.” Pam explained:

“It was like a deer that someone had hunted. They cut him around the neck and just skinned him. His little legs had fur and his little face had fur, but the rest of him was just skinned.”

That’s horrifying. And it was absolutely done by a human, according to a Latah County Sheriff’s Department deputy they spoke to — they could tell the difference between what an animal would do and what a knife would:

“The other side of him was as though they had filleted him like they were about to eat him. It was terrible. Unbelievable. They cut him like you fillet a fish. We found his collar, but we didn’t find the pelt.”

Jim said this might not have been the first animal victim either. He found a rabbit shortly beforehand while out walking on their rural 10-acre property. Its head had been scalped, with its ears sheared off — not the way a predator would have killed. He described:

“It had the head sliced right open and you could see the brain.”

The Latah County Sheriff told the outlet they passed their information to the Moscow PD, who are handling the murder. But no one in law enforcement seems to think they’re related.

Buddy dog killed University of Idaho
(c) Pam Colbert/Facebook

This was three miles from where the college students were killed. Just a month before. And again, we’re not talking about a densely populated city here, this is Idaho. Your likelihood of being murdered in Moscow, Idaho isn’t high. These have to be connected, right?? It’s certainly a possibility at least — one that has the Colberts more spooked than they’ve ever been living in the area these last four decades:

“Everybody is very nervous and scared. This is something awful and evil… We always left our doors open — not any more. None of it makes any sense.”

Do YOU think the murders were the work of a burgeoning serial killer? Is everyone speculating too much? Or not being open-minded enough?? Let us know what you think in the comments (below).

[Image via Kaylee Goncalves/Instagram/Pam Colbert/Facebook.]

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