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University Of Idaho Victim Complained Of Stalker Weeks Before Murders

University Of Idaho Victims Maddie Mogen Kaylee Goncalves Stalker Fear

Another potential lead in the University of Idaho murder investigation??

One of the most controversial points in the horrific stabbing murders of Kaylee Goncalves, Xana KernodleEthan Chapin, and Maddie Mogen is the theory that one of the four victims was the true target of the crime. Police have said almost from the start they believe this was a targeted attack, and recently we’ve learned some fairly convincing reasons they think so.

Primarily, Kaylee’s injuries, according to her father, were far more brutal than the rest. That could imply she was the killer’s intended victim, the one most of the aggression was aimed at — and the others were just in the way.

If that’s true, it’s a very different case from a random spree killer — and it means one of the most pertinent avenues of investigation is Kaylee’s personal life in the weeks leading up to the November 13 massacre.

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We’ve heard before that Kaylee might have had a stalker, but her family denied any knowledge of that. Unfortunately the one family member she definitely would have told, her lifelong friend and the Goncalves’ “other daughter” Maddie can’t answer any questions. She was murdered in the bed right next to Kaylee.

However, while Kaylee may not have wanted to worry her parents, both girls did complain about a potential stalker to an acquaintance at college…

In an interview with NewsNation‘s Brian Entin, the manager of a local Moscow vape store the 21-year-olds frequented says they mentioned Kaylee being stalked just three weeks before the murders. He says they would always come in with a group of 4-5 girls, and Maddie told him:

“‘Oh yeah, we’ve had a friend of ours be stalked before so this is kind of why we travel in a group like this.'”

It quickly became clear they were talking about Kaylee:

“You could tell they were all obviously trying to keep Kaylee safe and be there for her as good friends.”

He says they told him “it always seemed to happen either by the campus or down on Main Street.” He says Kaylee spoke about thinking she was being followed, then turning around and being alone. And it was “not just a one-off thing”:

“This is apparently something that Kaylee had tons of issues with. Apparently, she always had somebody who’s constantly walking behind her like that.”

The store manager says he asked if this happened at school, but she told him no, it was “at night time when they were drinking” as she was “going out to the bars or coming back from the bars.” We know from the earliest reports that Maddie and Kaylee went out partying that night. Wow.

On the one hand, it’s odd to think this random guy — a friendly face they saw a lot, sure, but not a friend — knew more than her family. But there definitely are things young people don’t tell their parents… See the full interview (below):

We hope this helps police — it sure seems like they could use it, as no suspects have been identified, no witnesses located or murder weapon found thus far.

What do YOU think of this new info??

[Image via Maddie Mogen/Kaylee Goncalves/Instagram.]

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Dec 16, 2022 15:44pm PDT

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