ICYMI: Woman Becomes Internet Villain After Dunking Chicken Tenders In Soda

Throughout history, people have been ridiculed and ostracized for enjoying things others find repulsive. That history continued this week when a woman went viral for dunking her chicken in a cup of soda and then EATING it.

The controversial foodie, Alexa Greenfield, was being recorded watching the U.S. Open with her nephews on Monday when the camera operator caught her eating her unconventional snack.

Twitter was aghast over the 26-year-old’s strange food combo, with users voicing criticism and concern over what they assumed would make for an unappealing meal.

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But Greenfield is defending the soda tenders. The tennis fan told Sports Illustrated she’s been dunking like that since she was a little girl, after her dad told her it helps cool the tenders off.

She explained to the publication:

“I don’t even know if that was really why he was having me do it. I can’t remember not doing it, literally.”

She doesn’t do it all the time, though. Greenfield claimed she only dunks her tenders in soda “once or twice a year” and was hungover when her routine was being filmed.

While many on Twitter were quick to snack shame, others encouraged Greenfield to let her chicken tender freak flag fly:

Don’t be ashamed, gurl. Own it!!

[Image via ABC News/YouTube]

Sep 6, 2018 8:27am PST

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