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Waffle House Employee Casually Blocks Chair Thrown At Her During WILD Restaurant Fight! WATCH!

Waffle House Employee Casually Blocks Chair Thrown At Her During WILD Restaurant Fight! WATCH!

Waffle House fights are always INSANE, but this super-brief clip might take the cake!!

Recently, one of the chain restaurant’s locations in Texas buckled under a brutal brawl between customers and employees. TMZNewsweek, and others report the incident went down in the area around the Lone Star State’s capital city of Austin. According to Daily Mail, this viral fight actually occurred last year — but the video is only now coming to light.

Whatever the case about how this brawl came to be, the clip is WILD! And now that it’s going viral across social media platforms this week, the internet is having a field day with it!!

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On Tuesday morning, a 3-second clip started making the rounds on Twitter. In it, viewers could see somebody throw a metal chair at a Waffle House employee who was working behind the counter. Unfazed, she simply knocks the chair down and honestly looks ready to fight!!

Seriously! You have to see this to believe it! Ch-ch-check it out (below):


That is insane behavior!! Obviously, the clip lacks context about what led up to that situation. But still! Who throws a chair?!?! And whose reflexes are fast enough to knock it down like that??

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Immediately, other users started commenting on the video, too:

One asked what we want to know:

“Who behaves like that in public?”

The original poster alleged this is what happened in the reply:

“waffle house customers & to be fair, she threw a glass coffee pot at them before this happened.”


Whatever actually happened, people weren’t shy about giving their take on it! Thousands more dropped some HIGHlarious comments about the vid, as you can see (below):

Too funny!! And you can see even more reactions (below):

“So I’ve never been in a Waffle House so they exist outside of the hours of like… dark? Do they change from like a sweet little diner to the royal rumble every night?”

“I’ve never witnessed a clean chair throw & chair toss before”

“After this video I think we should all unite and stop the violence against Waffle House workers. We cannot defeat them.”

“The US Military has many branches defending our country: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Waffle House Employees”

“Waffle House staff are the sweetest, yet most savage group of individuals in the US”

“Is Waffle House public fight club or something?”

“Nah, but she blocked that chair like she’s done this before”

“Waffle houses really be that crazy huh?”

Amazing. Absolutely amazing!! Brawls at Waffle House? Thrown chairs? Discarded thrown chairs? The dude behind the counter still working like nothing is the matter?? Absolutely perfect. We love it all. NO NOTES! Ha!! Obviously we don’t condone violence, and honestly, we really hope everyone in this situation got the help they needed! Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Mashed/YouTube]

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