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Canada’s Globe and Mail has revealed the identity of a man who claims to be the secret son of John F. Kennedy.
Attention whore!
The JFK Jr. wannabe has no proof, just a good publicist, apparently.
The paper reports that the British Columbia man, Jack Worthington, had been speaking with them under the condition of anonymity for a few days but decided to officially go public after his name was leaked out by another Canadian source.
Worthington has requested a DNA sample from the Kennedy clan so tests could be run to validate (or invalidate) his claim.
Vanity Fair has also reportedly been working on the story the last 18 months.
The main reason we’re skeptical is….
Why wait????
Wouldn’t this dude have come forward sooner???
This seems like someone out for money to us!
[Image via The Globe and Mail.]

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Feb 13, 2008 18:30pm PDT

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