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Wendy Williams' Brother Confirms She's Filming A Reality Show -- And He's Not Happy About It!

Wendy Williams' Brother Confirms She's Filming A Reality Show -- And He's Not Happy About It!

Wendy Williams is on her way back to TV — but her little brother doesn’t like the idea!

As you know, the broadcasting icon has had some trouble the past couple years. Last year she went to rehab after she relapsed from alcohol while dealing with some other health issues. Ultimately she ended The Wendy Williams Show after nearly 14 years on the air.

But as she’s supposedly been recuperating, we’ve gotten some hints of a comeback. She said she was recording a podcast — even going as far as making social media accounts for it — but the highly anticipated Wendy Williams Experience Podcast was canceled before it even aired. With all the questions surrounding her growing health concerns, fans have been left wondering what’s next, and the 58-year-old’s brother is finally giving answers.

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On Wednesday, the TV personality’s younger sibling Tommy Williams spoke to The US Sun about Wendy’s recent trip to Florida to visit family. Apparently the visit wasn’t just for leisure, though, as the 54-year-old confirmed his sister was filming a reality show the whole time!

The outlet had previously reported a potential reality show, with a source claiming Wendy had shown up to a restaurant in NYC with a camera crew:

“Wendy is filming a reality show. She rocked up to New York celebrity hotspot Fresco by Scotto and had a producer hand out Non-Disclosure Agreements to patrons.”

It seems the family reunion was a working vacation, as her brother Tommy has confirmed she brought the cameras along!

Over the course of several days last week the siblings, along with their elderly dad Thomas Williams Sr., were filmed for the upcoming show. And that ultimately is NOT a good thing, as far as Tommy is concerned:

“This is not a woman who is in the right frame of mind to get a show going. Why are [camera crews] even here? Do you see the condition she’s in? Does it look like she’s ready to start a podcast for goodness sake? It doesn’t.”

So sad…

He went on to slam his sister’s manager, Will Selby, for encouraging the media star to go through with a show to “make this money”:

“This guy Will is ponying Wendy around — ‘travel here, travel there, let’s go make this money, and I don’t care if you’re making sense because everybody knows who you are.’ And the shock value is going to be ‘where she was and where she is now?’ Is that going to be the show? Is that it? Is that what my dad has to look forward to watching? To shove our face in the f**king manure?”

We all want to see Wendy to stay safe and do what’s best for herself — but her baby bro doesn’t seem to think jumping back into her career is the right move. Is he right? He may be too late either way.

Tommy went on to reveal the crew already has a lot of footage prepared for the reality show. And although he’s sad about the entire situation, he’s not mad at Wendy herself:

“Whatever they do with it, they’re gonna do. It’s gonna be sad. I can’t blame Wendy for anything! I want her to get better! She is not better. So I can’t be mad at her for any of this.”

He also said he’s worried about the future impact of the reality show — because Wendy isn’t well at the moment, and that’s all being captured on film:

“So it comes out and what happens if Wendy is doing much, much better, right? Who wants these kinds of memories? Who wants this? Why couldn’t she just get better, all the way? And then do something. All this time people have been kicking her around. She can’t be contemplating s**t because she can’t think it through, so other people are thinking things through for her. And all this time she could have been down here recovering.”

The 54-year-old added that his older sister’s condition is “sad” and she’s “in poor health.” He also said Will didn’t introduce himself to the family or speak to them for the entirety of the trip while they were filming. Wow.

In response to the outlet’s request for comment, however, Wendy’s manager said:

“Tommy didn’t say a word to me about any frustration so that doesn’t sound true.”

Um… what? There’s some serious tension here that definitely needs to be talked out! Or maybe we’ll just have to wait and see how everything plays out this fall when the reality show is set to premiere…

We’re sending Wendy so much love and healing, and continue to wish her the best. Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via The View/YouTube]

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